How to Apply Makeup for a Casual Date

Three Parts:Nailing Your Skin and LipsWorking on Your EyesWorking on Your Hair

If you're going out on a casual date, you want to make your makeup casual, too. Casual makeup will still look pretty, but it says you're not trying too hard. Start by working on your skin and lips, then move to your eyes and hair.

Part 1
Nailing Your Skin and Lips

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    Start with a moisturizer. If you're just getting out of the shower, it's good to start with a light moisturizer on your face. Pick one that's appropriate for your skin type and meant for your face. Put some on your hand and rub it all over your face.[1]
    • Be sure to look for one for sensitive skin if your skin reacts to products.
    • Look on the bottle to see which one is appropriate for your skin type. You'll find ones for oily, normal, and dry skin, so focus in on the one that's best for you.
    • A tinted moisturizer can help cover up splotchy skin.
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    Work on your skin. If you feel like you need a foundation, you can work it into your skin with a sponge now. Use a concealer where you need it. Mostly, you just want to focus on any problem areas, such as areas that are broken out, red, or splotchy. Smooth the concealer into your skin.[2]
    • Set everything with a powder when you're done.
    • When picking these products, make sure they match your skin by testing them on the back of your hand.
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    Focus on your cheeks. One option for a casual look is to simply add highlighter in place of blush. Run it along your cheekbones and across your nose. Blend it in with a sponge or brush so that it goes smoothly into your powder. The highlighter gives your skin a nice glow.[3]
    • You can also use a little bit of blush.
    • Choose a light color like pink that looks good with your skin tone. Brush just a little bit along your cheek bones.[4]
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    Use a light lipstick. For a casual date, you may not want to go for something too bold and dark. Instead, pick something light and flirty. A pink lipstick is a good choice that says you want to look nice, but you're still keeping things casual.[5]
    • Try lining your lips with a similar color, then filling it in with the pink lipstick or covering your lips with a pink gloss.
    • You can also go for a nude color that blends in with your skin.

Part 2
Working on Your Eyes

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    Work on your eyebrows. If your eyebrows aren't as dramatic as you'd like, you can use an eyebrow pencil to help fill them in. Pick a pencil that is similar in color to your hair color. Use it to make gentle strokes across your eyebrow, going in the same direction as the hair grows.[6]
    • Brushing can help blend the color out.
    • Use a small spoolie brush to comb out your eyebrows in the direction the hair grows. A spoolie brush is what comes in your mascara, but you can buy them separately, too.[7]
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    Work on your eye shadow. For a really simple eye, pick a pretty, light color that shimmers. Brush it along the bottom edge of your eyelid, then blend it upward. You don't want a line of color. Rather, you want it slightly darker at the bottom, and then you want it to get lighter as you brush it upwards.[8]
    • You can also work with separate colors. Start with a base color that you apply along your crease and most of your eyelid. For a casual date, go for something light, like a peachy taupe.
    • Next, add a highlight color. This color should be brighter than the first color. It goes along your brow bone, just under your eyebrow.
    • Pick a darker color for the edge. You can use something like a navy for a bit of color, then run it along the bottom of your eye, creating a small wing past the corner of your eye. You can also use it or another dark color under your eye, if you wish, though only do about a third of your eye underneath.
    • Pick a contour color. Select a color that's a little darker than your skin. Use a brush to run along the socket of your eye, creating a contour. Stop when you've gone in about a third of your eye.[9]
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    Line your eyes. If you've already lined your eyes with eye shadow, you can skip the liner here. However, you can also go with a standard black liner. A liquid liner works best, and you can run it along the edge of your eyelash, creating a little tip at the edge.[10]
    • A simple way to line your eyes but not go overboard is to use a matte color eye shadow that's a little darker than your shadow and is in a dark skin tone.
    • Run it across the bottom of your eyelids to line them.[11]
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    Make your eyelashes pop. Start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. You can use fake eyelashes, but it may be a little too much for casual date. Next, add mascara to your eyelashes, brushing upward on the top lashes and downward on the bottom lashes. Be sure to add several coats.[12]

Part 3
Working on Your Hair

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    Go for a simple but classy shiny hair look. One simple look is to create shiny hair that you wear mostly down with a headband. The headband can be small and cute or big and bold, though you may not want to go overboard for a casual date.[13]
    • For shiny hair, try an at-home oil treatment or leave-in conditioner.
    • When blow-drying, guide the hair with a round brush. Once it's dry, create large curls with a curling iron. Make sure to curl away from you face.
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    Use a cute clip. For a quick fix, part your hair down the middle. On one side, pull some of your hair up into a clip. The clip can be cute and whimsical or romantic and bold. You can go as small or as big as you want for the clip, from a tiny bobby pin to a big, bold sparkly clip.[14]
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    Try an easy updo. As you blow dry your hair, guide it with a round brush so you have a bit of curl. The brush also helps develop volume. Also, be sure to plump your hair near the roots by using a comb to tease it upward. Once you're done, you can pull it into an updo. Part your hair down the middle first.[15]
    • One easy updo involves a simple twist. Gather your hair at the base of your head, then twist it around a few times. Pull it upwards, then hold it in place with bobby pins.
    • This updo is supposed to be a bit messy, with the ends hanging out and some hairs framing your face.
    • Hold it in place with a bit of hairspray.
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    Go for an easy ponytail. Blow dry your hair, using a round brush to help shape it. Once it's dry, use a large-barreled curling iron to create some large curls, always curling downward. Next, pull your hair up into a large ponytail, making sure to keep some of the volume you've created.[16]
    • For extra chicness, wrap a strand of your ponytail around the band a few times, and then pin it down with bobby pins.
    • If your hair is already wavy, you can use a mousse then let your hair tousle dry.


  • Choose one area to make pop. When going for a casual look, you don't want too much color everywhere. Instead, pick one area of your face you really want to pop, such as your lips or your eyes, then focus on putting the color in that area. For instance, if you have a bright lipstick, tone down your eyelids with more neutral colors.[17]

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