How to Apply for Work Study

Work study is a federal grant awarded through financial aid to students who qualify. This fund helps college students easily obtain employment. Many employers love to hire work study students because the students pay does not come out of their bank account but from the federal government. To apply for work study, you'll need to fill out a Financial Application for Student Aid, and indicate your interest in the Work Study program.


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    Log on to the Federal Student Aid website.
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    Start a new application if you have never applied for financial aid before. Continue your current application if you are returning to the website.
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    Enter your 4 digit key. Then click next.
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    Begin to complete the Financial Aid application. Question #5 asks: "Are you interested in being considered for work-study?" Click the pull down arrow and select "Yes". Complete the following questions and then select "Next".
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    Select the school you want your FAFSA application to be sent to. You can search schools by state, city, school name or with the federal school code if you have it.
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    Review the drop down list of Colleges and Universities that accept financial aid. You can select up to 5 schools. You must click the ADD button to officially select the school or an Error message will appear.
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    Answer the questions regarding your dependency status and parent information. Remember work study is not given to everyone that apply for it. The federal government decided who gets it based on need and income.
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    Answer the question sunder the financial information tab. After you complete the questions don’t forget to click "Next".
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    Sign and submit. Fill out all if the required info. Read this disclaimer. Select agree or disagree. Enter your FAFSA ID and password. Then click submit my FAFSA now.
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    Make sure you save your confirmation number
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    Check your email to verify a confirmation was sent.
    • Congratulations you have just applied for work study! Now you wait! The federal government will review all of your information.
    • If you were approved for work study you will see "Work Study" in your financial Aid Award on your schools website.


  • The Office of The U.S. Department of Education is often picky about the information you are giving them. When logging in to the website, make sure that you have your Social Security #number(the nine digit number that the government uses to identify people) available.
  • Be sure to have your "Save Key" number. If you do not have this number, select "I Forgot My Save Key".
  • If you encounter any other problems, utilize the "Need Help" button at the bottom of the screen on the left side.

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