How to Apply for an Unlisted Job

You’ve recently learned there is (or will be) an unpublished job opening with a reputable company, in your field of expertise or study. It’s your dream job with your dream company and you want to get your foot in the door by sending the company a letter of application.


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    Researching the Job. While the job may be unlisted you can still research things in the market. Getting some basic understanding on things like general level of market wage can help to give you a heads up when it comes to you contacting a business. Learn about the industry average of earnings based on job classification and geographical location.
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    Know who should receive the letter. If you don’t know, call the company and ask. When the receptionist answers the phone, be pleasant and confident. Give the "operator" your name, and learn the name of the "operator". Tell the operator the nature of your call; that you are preparing a letter to introduce yourself for possible employment in the (name of the) department. Ask the operator for the full name and job title of the best person that should receive your letter. In most cases, the operator will provide this information. If so, confirm the spelling of that person’s name, his or her exact job title, and the correct mailing address that will ensure your letter will reach him/her directly. The operator may advise you that all employment inquiries must go through the Human Resources or Personnel Department. Thank the operator – by name – ask to be connected, and start over. If you are advised to submit such a letter to Personnel, do so; but ask for the name and address of the department head, too; so you can send a copy to him/her.
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    Date and address the letter:

    • Date your letter with the same date you will actually mail it. Drop down two lines; and
    • include the full name and title of the recipient before the company name, i.e., (First line)Mr. Department Head, Vice President of Marketing (Next line)The Widget Company (Third line)West Elm Street, Unit 12, and (Next line)Pleasant City, ST 12345. (Drop down two lines.)
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    Reference the nature of your writing: (Type) RE: Consideration for Employment. (Drop down two lines.)
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    Insert the greeting: Dear Mr. Department Head (Drop down two lines)
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    Write your letter, practice first. Focus on the company, the position, and your qualifications. You should have no more than three paragraphs.
    • Compliment the company, i.e., “Having read the recent article in Schmutz Magazine entitled “Blah, Blah, Blah", my long-time desire to join the talented and qualified marketing staff at the Widget Company is reinforced." Or, “The Widget Company has a reputation in Pleasant City as an active participant in the community, a role model for professional integrity, and the producer of quality-made widgets. It is for these reasons that I have enclosed my resume in anticipation of joining the Widget Company’s talented, qualified Advertising staff." (Drop down two lines to write the next paragraph.)
    • Include as much information about yourself and your qualifications for this “target?? job as possible, without repeating what the reader will learn in your resume. Such as, “As a recent Media Relations graduate from Pleasant City University, and a life-long, continuing resident of Pleasant City, my professional goal is to utilize my education, share my own ideas, and to be enriched by the experiences and knowledge of my colleagues." Or, “By joining the Widget Company’s marketing team, I will have opportunity to share 22 years of professional experience, as well as expand my knowledge and techniques through the experiences of my colleagues." (Drop down two lines to write the next paragraph.)
    • Thank the reader and encourage him/her to contact you: “Thank you, Mr. /Ms. Head of the Department, for taking time to review my enclosed resume and considering me for a position with the Widget Company. I am available for personal interview at your convenience. I anticipate meeting with you very soon.?? (Drop down two lines to close the letter.)
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    Close the letter with “Respectfully". (Drop down 4 lines to make room for your hand-written signature in blue ink.)
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    Type your name. (Drop down two lines.)
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    CC (it means Carbon copy) If a person in addition to the addressee will received a copy of the letter, insert the name of that person.
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    Enclosures: Resume


  • Use personal letterhead if possible. (Create your own letterhead on your personal computer. Center your full name, address, phone number and e-mail address.) Use quality, professional paper stock and a coordinating envelope (preferably the same paper as you used on your resume.) Select an off-white, light beige or slightly grey color paper. No pinks, no blues, no yellows, no flowers, no cute drawings, no stripes or design of any kind. And NO scented paper!
  • You don’t have to “know" there is an available position with your target company. Submit your resume along with a cover letter to the Human Resources or Personnel department “cold". In your “cold" letter, let the company know of your interest in the event a suitable position becomes available.
  • Refrain from revealing personal information such as “my girlfriend/boyfriend and I just got engaged but we can’t get married until we both have jobs"; or “I still live with my parents, but I want to move out", or “My wife/husband just left me because I can’t get work, so I really need this job."

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