How to Apply for a Blue Badge Online in the UK

Two Parts:Applying OnlineParking with a Blue Badge

In the UK, Blue Badges are specifically for disabled road users to help them park closer to where they are going. If you are eligible for one it can make your life a lot easier. Start with step one to learn how to apply for a Blue Badge.

Part 1
Applying Online

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    Gather the materials you need. You'll need a digital passport photo, your driving licence number (if you have one), your national insurance number, proof of ID, certified proof of address such as a photocopied council tax bill (this will need to be signed by a person with a responsible role in the community such as a librarian, dentist, optician or teacher) and lastly your credit or debit card.
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    Go onto the Blue Badge section of the website and go through the online steps. You will need to fill in your details and demonstrate which authority you are applying from (don’t worry, this will be automatically filled in from your postcode!). You will also need to provide details of your disability. You can register up to three vehicles.
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    Read and tick the declarations, upload a passport photo and pay for your application (around £10 depending on your council). You will need to send certified copies of supporting documents by mail to the address provided.
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    Wait for the authorities to process your application. It takes up to six weeks to process, eight if an assessment is required.

Part 2
Parking with a Blue Badge

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    Put your badge in your car. Your badge should be on your dashboard, clearly visible through the front windscreen. It should be facing upwards, showing the hologram -- the side with your photo shouldn’t be visible. If your badge becomes stained, torn or faded, you should return it to the council so they can replace it.
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    Find eligible spots. If your application is approved, you can park in all kinds of places! You can park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (except if other restrictions apply). There is no time limit in Scotland. You can park for free as long as you like in on-street metered parking or designated disabled parking bays unless a limit is specified. Make sure the meter bay isn’t suspended!


  • You can request that the council install a Blue Badge bay outside your home. You will not own this bay and other Blue Badge holders can park there but it should help in busy areas.
  • Your Badge is valid throughout the EU but different countries have different rules and it is not valid outside the EU.
  • Your Blue Badge will make you exempt from some toll roads but it is always best to check which ones.


  • Watch out for any restrictions! You can’t park anywhere where there is a ban on loading and unloading. Some parts of London have different sets of concessions, although you can still park in their Blue Badge bays. You cannot park in permit holder only bays or on pedestrian crossings, keep clear markings or anywhere with no-stopping signage. Be sensible: don’t park anywhere that will cause other people problems. If you’re not sure, check the signs around you.
  • The badge can only be used if you are in the car, driving or as a passenger or being dropped off or picked up: using a Blue Badge without a disabled passenger or driver is a criminal offence.

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