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When and how you share pregnancy news with family and friends is a personal decision for expectant parents to make. If you've already announced your pregnancy, you know there are a lot of people to tell! If you find out you are expecting twins, you will have yet another announcement to make, and there are lots of creative ways for spreading the news. You can decide to share the news the minute you find out there are two babies, wait until you find out the gender of the babies, or pass along the news once the twins have arrived. There is no one right way to announce a twin pregnancy or twin birth, but announcing it in a unique way can be an exciting part of the fun of becoming a new parent to two babies at the same time.

Method 1
Announcing a Twin Pregnancy

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    Surprise your partner. If he wasn't there when you found out you'd be having twins, there are lots of creative ways you can tell the dad-to-be.
    • Start purchasing supplies you'll need like cribs and car seats. Your partner will be very surprised when he sees that there's two of everything!
    • Show him the sonogram and see how long it takes him to see that there are two babies. If he doesn't realize on his own, point out the baby's face, and then point out the other baby's face.
    • If your partner doesn't know you're pregnant yet, wrap up not one, but two positive pregnancy tests. Surprise him with the news when he asks why there are two tests there.
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    Tell loved ones individually. Tell the most important people in your life before making a public announcement. You can be as creative as you want!
    • For close relatives like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings, send a card or an e-card from the babies. For example, you could write, "We're really excited to meet you, Aunt Carol! Love, the Johnson twins." You may want to include a copy of the sonogram.[1]
    • If the timing works out, wait for a gift-giving holiday like Christmas, a birthday, or Mother's Day. You can wrap up your message in a box disguised as an ordinary gift, or you could give your loved one a twin-themed gift, like a T-shirt that says "World's Best Grandma" with a picture of two babies.[2]
    • Invite loved ones over and start showing them the things you have bought in preparation for the babies. You can be subtle with this by just showing them things like clothing and diapers and waiting for them to comment that you probably have more than you need. You may also be able to find outfits and bibs that are twin-themed.[3]
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    Wait for a family gathering. If you'd rather tell your entire family about the news at once, consider waiting until everyone is gathered to celebrate something else, like Thanksgiving for example. You can then give them all something else to celebrate![4]
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    Throw a gender reveal party with a twist. If your friends and family know you're pregnant but they don't know that you're expecting twins, make the announcement at a gender reveal party.
    • This could work especially well if you're having a boy and a girl. Many gender reveal ideas are based around revealing a color, whether it's cutting open a cake to see if the batter is blue or pink, or opening a box to reveal blue or pink balloons.[5] For twins, you can use a combination of blue and pink or a gender-neutral color like yellow. Your guests might be a bit confused at first, but they'll be really surprised when they figure out what's going on!
    • You can also use this idea if you're having two babies of the same sex. If you're having twin girls and you want to use the balloon idea, for example, you can put two large pink balloons in a box. Write "It's a girl" on one and, "It's another girl" on the other.
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    Go public on social media. If you're ready to tell the whole world that you're expecting twins, post the news on your favorite social media site. Depending on your preferences, you can post a simple and straight-forward message or a creative picture that requires a little bit of thought.[6]
    • If you want to post a picture, think about creative ways you can hint that there are two babies. For example, you can take a picture of two pairs of baby shoes. If it's around the holidays, you could post a picture of Christmas stockings for Baby #1 and Baby #2 hanging next to those for the rest of your family.[7]
    • You can also post a funny picture that shows you and your partner panicking about the thought of having two babies. Just make sure to make it clear that you're actually really happy!
    • If you already have children, think about including them in your announcement picture. They could, for example, be wearing T-shirts that say, "I have two little brothers on the way."[8]
    • Utilize yours or your partner's profession in the theme you use to spread the word about the twins. If you or your significant other is a lawyer, for instance, you could post a mock legal brief to announce the twins.
    • Make sure you tell those who are close to you first before you post the news electronically. Some people may be offended that you didn't tell them in person or on the phone.

Method 2
Announcing a Twin Birth

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    Send twin birth announcements. The traditional method of announcing births usually comes in the form of mailed cards with birth statistics. You can be creative and include funny captions.
    • You can send two separate cards in two separate envelopes, two separate cards in the same envelope, or one card with information about both babies together.
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    Create a website about the twins. You can begin this once you find out you're expecting twins and include ultrasound photos and shower pictures. Once the babies arrive, you can chronicle their milestones and include updates about their growth.
    • If you didn't tell everyone you were having twins beforehand, make a big announcement on the website and be sure to link to it from your social media accounts so all your friends will see it.
    • Some website providers offer free templates to use, or if you're more computer savvy, you can design your own. You may also opt to make your website private and accessible only to those who have a password.
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    Mail newsletters that announce the twins' arrival. This is ideal if the children are born around the holidays or specific seasons as you can incorporate that theme into the newsletter. .
    • If your babies arrive shortly after the New Year, you might state on the newsletter that you rang in the New Year with not just one Baby New Year, but two.
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    Change your answering machine or voice mail message. Your recording can let everyone know that the twins have arrived and can provide answers to common questions people may have.
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    Post a sign in your front yard. This will let all your neighbors know the good news. You can opt for one sign that says, "It's twins!" or, "It's two boys!" or you can post an individual sign for each baby.


  • Some family members or friends may not agree as to the right time to announce your pregnancy. Remember that it's your decision along with your partner. There's no right or wrong time to tell others about the twin pregnancy.

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