How to Analyze and Solve Your Problems

Is your problem serious, or minor? Figure out in these steps and learn how to handle it! You can conquer anything if you trust in yourself!


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    Take a deep breathe and analyze your problem. On a scale of 1 to 3, how bad is it. If you spilled coffee on your shirt, this is a 1. If you are in a car wreck this is a 2. If you found out that a loved one is ill, this is a 3.
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    Don't sweat the small stuff. If you are up tight and get angry when you lose your keys, yo need to stop and realize how small of a problem this really is. This is a 1. Sweating the small stuff just causes unneeded stress and anxiety. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you're not perfect and its not the end of the world!
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    Know that Life will give you many problems; it's all about how you handle them. If you get a bad test grade, look outside, the skies not falling! It will all be okay. Just tell yourself that your will study harder next time. Sometimes you do come face to face with major problems...
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    You are strong, and can handle anything life throws at you. When those 3 problems come up like: Foreclosure, Loss of family member, Finding out you have an illness, being fired, or not being able to connect to wikiHow, these 3 problems are harder to deal with. Always keep in mind that it will all get better in the future. Make a plan of how to overcome this because you are a strong person and will not let this conquer you. You will be grateful for what you have, keep positive friends around you, and overcome this valley in life.
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    Realize how minor your problems are, compared to others. There are many children who have no education, food, or family. Try to make a difference in your community in any way you can. Helping others will really help you. And when you help you, you have taken one step up life's mountain.

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