How to Airsoft on a Low Budget

Some people have airsoft guns that cost about $200, get 400 fps and are full auto. However, with practice and the right guns, you can stand a chance against those guys on a low budget. This is also a good buying guide for anyone who has a low budget anywhere from 50 to 150 dollars.


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    If you have a low budget use cost efficient sites like,, or
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    For budgets 50-90 dollars, I recommend gas pistols. There are two types of gas pistols, blowbacks and non-blowbacks. A blowback pistol has its slide blowback, just like on a real gun, and therefore are cooler looking, but use up more gas. Non-blowbacks are more gas efficient and cheaper than blowbacks, but are usually lower in quality. A gas pistol can use green gas or CO2 cartridges. Green gas pistols are around 300 fps and are affected in cold weather, while CO2 pistols can get up to 400+ fps and aren't affected by cold weather, but are generally more expensive. Keep in mind that green gas costs around 11 bucks per container.
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    For budgets around 90-100 dollars, you want a metal gearbox AEG (automatic electric gun). The best gun for this price is probably the Well R8 G3 A3 on Another good gun is the Galaxy G5K M5K, although it has been known to sometimes contain quality issues. If you don't like either of those guns, search and They have a good selection of sub 100 dollar AEGs. Be careful though, make sure it has a metal gearbox and not a plastic one
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    If you have a 100-125 dollar budget, you can start getting nicer, more durable, and harder shooting AEGs. When it comes to good quality, durable gun you can never go wrong with CYMA's AK variants. If possible, get a AK without fake wood. The plastic they make for the fake would isn't very durable for some reason. I would personally recommend the CYMA cm.031 AK 74 on It is one of the best quality AK and also one of the cheapest. Stay away from any M4s, they may look cool, but at this price range, aren't good quality.
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    If you have a 125-150 dollar budget, now you can have some fun. In this range there's a lot of durable guns made by a variety of brands. The CYMAs AKs are still reliable. Another good, reliable brand is JG and their G36s. I'd say the best gun you can get in this range is the original JG G608 G36 on It has a nylon fiber body, making it really durable, while the foldable stock allows it to become compact and small, perfect for close combat while the 375 fps gives it nice range, and it has quality internals, all for just $135. You can start getting m4s in this range, but look at good review to see how good quality one is.
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    When using an AEG or a gas pistol, ALWAYS use the .20 gram bb's as opposed to the standard .12 gram. They provide more density, which allows them to fly further and they also prevent damage to the gun's internals.
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    Remember to take the cost of bb's and shipping into account. A good 5000 round bag or box of .20 gram bbs costs about 12 dollars. Shipping prices are always only 5 dollars per order on, and vary on and


  • Make sure when you are playing that you have plenty of ammo.
  • ALWAYS avoid clear guns when buying. a gun over $50.
  • Use orange or glow in the dark BBs in the full autos as tracers.
  • you can use propane as a substitute for gas pistols, but you need add a little silicon oil into it. Watching a video on this is highly recommended.


  • If you are going with a cheap electric gun, do not leave the battery on the charger for more than the recommended time frame. Over charging the battery, especially with the cheap models, wears the battery life down.
  • Airsoft guns can be dangerous. Do not shoot pets. Avoid shooting people in the head, face or neck area. Do not peek into barrel as this could cause severe damage to eye and brain.
  • Always remember to wear eye protection. A paintball mask works well because it covers the entire face. Normally, fields require full-seal eye protection.

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  • At least 50 dollars.

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