How to Age White Tailed Deer

In this article you will learn how to age deer properly. The scientific way to go about aging deer is to examine the deer's teeth. To properly age white-tailed deer you will need to look intensely at the jawbone and teeth.


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    Count the number of teeth. If there are only four teeth then the deer is still a fawn. If there are more than four then the deer is not fawn status.
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    If the deer has six molars, look at the third tooth.Make sure you look at the individual teeth. These molars are made up of cuspids which some people mistake as an individual tooth. A single tooth can be made up of two or three cusps. Now that you've located the third tooth how many cusps does it have? A one and a half year old dear can have a third tooth with both a bicuspids and a tricuspid.If the third tooth is still a tricuspid then the deer is for sure one and a half. Deer at one and a half are losing their baby teeth and replacing them with adult teeth just as we do.This generally happens around this age. If the deer's third tooth is a bicuspid that is coming in, or is lacking tartar (stain).
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    Keep looking at that third tooth. You will now need to examine the tooth itself. The row of teeth have two ridges, an inner and an outer.
    • You will need to examine the inner ridge from here on. On that ridge there are two main colors on the tooth, brown and white. The brown is known as the dentin and the white is known as the enamel. You will be looking at the width of the dentin verses the width of the enamel.
    • If the width of the dentine on the third tooth is larger than the width of the enamel, move on to the fourth tooth. If the dentine is smaller than the width of the enamel than the deer is two and a half years old.
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    Do the math. If the width of the dentine is larger than the width of the enamel on the fourth tooth is larger then move to the fifth tooth. If the dentine is smaller than the enamel on the fifth tooth, then the deer is four and a half.
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    Repeat step four for teeth five and six. If the teeth are worn down then the deer has reached five and a half years and up.
    • Once you've reached three and a half years old, it can become difficult to age any further, but it can be done.


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