How to Advertise Your wikiHow Article

So you've written a great article on wikiHow and you'd like people to see it, but it's been there a few days and it seems like no one has even noticed. Here's how to draw attention to it and get it recognized and read.


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    Choose a topic that interests people, but that hasn't been covered yet. If you're having trouble, look through the requested article list or notice the lists of Articles For You to Write at the bottom of other articles. Search on your topic (even if it is in one of these lists) before you create it. Remember, you can always add to an existing article, too.
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    Make the article shine. A good article will stand out and attract traffic, whether or not you might like it is ever featured, write it like you mean it. Click on the link for more details, but in particular:
    • Write clearly and strongly, starting steps with active verbs.
    • Learn wikiHow conventions outlined in the Writer's Guide and apply them to your article.
    • Take photos to go with the steps, especially if the process you're describing is a physical one. Alternatively, use the Find Free Photos tool (under Editing Tools on the right) to find general photos to illustrate the article. Make sure the photos are relevant to the article.
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    Write the full article right away, if possible. You don't have to cram it all into one edit, and you can use the {{inuse}} tag to "reserve" it for yourself. Remember, though, that your article starts to get attention as soon as it is published, and the sooner it is reasonably complete, the more highly the community will think of it.
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    Collaborate. Ask for other editors' input and corrections. This accomplishes two things. It gets the attention of at least a few other editors, and it makes your article better and more complete.
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    Have your article selected as a rising star. In New Article Boost, a wikiHow tool in which experienced editors review them for completeness and accuracy, your article may eventually be marked as a Rising Star. This places it in the rising star feed, and it will show on the front page for a certain amount of time, which should get your articles more views. An added benefit is that your article will be marked for consideration later as a featured article.

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    Let your new article spend some time on the site. Articles that sit around awhile also have a better chance of coming up occasionally when someone presses the Random Article button, and of attracting attention in general. Sometimes, gathering readers just takes time.
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    Put your articles in profile or gallery on your user page. Besides that cute picture of your favorite hamster, you can use your user page to show off your articles.
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    Mention your article in Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and so on. When you publish your article, you are given a choice of a couple places to post it, or you can post an article yourself, manually.
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    Link your article internally. Internal links should go both ways. Make sure your article has woven links and related articles links, as well as a category. Where it's appropriate to do so, link your article in the related and woven links of other articles. Don't overdo it, though, and don't put links to your article where they're irrelevant, or it's likely they will be removed.
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    Check up on how your article is doing.
    • The special page Special:Articlestats/pagename can show you information about how accurate your article is voted by other people to be.
    • Special:YourArticles also shows the number of views that each of your articles have.
    • Special:Articlestats/pagename may not show the accuracy of your article based on votes if you have not gotten enough accuracy votes yet.


  • Be subtle and reserved about promoting your article within wikiHow. If your efforts to draw attention come across as spamming, you will find them unwelcome. Instead, add links and draw attention in a way that will help wikiHow and its community grow smoothly.
  • Getting an article featured is a great way to bring lots of traffic to it, but it's not possible for all articles on wikiHow to be featured. Regardless of whether yours gets featured, having a well-written, complete article will help to draw traffic to it.


  • Don't spam something else in the article. Articles that read like advertising or seem to have the goal of promoting a product or another website will generally be marked for deletion right away.
    • That doesn't mean that writing about commercial topics is completely prohibited, however. By following the steps in How to Write About Commercial Topics on wikiHow, your article has a better chance of staying up. Be sure to be more subtle about following the steps in this article for your commercial topic article, as it otherwise may be viewed as advertising, and might be deleted.

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