How to Advertise Your Web Design Business with Article Marketing

Many different kinds of businesses in all sorts of industries can benefit from doing what's called article marketing, where crafting good content and getting it to the public eye is critical for giving visibility to a company, product or service offer. When it's time to advertise your Web design business with article marketing, a few good guidelines will be handy for making sure that the strategy matches the goal. Business leaders who take the time to promote their companies the right way often reap the benefits later in terms of both new and returning customers, and a stable foundation on which to expand the business.


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    Figure out marketing goals. Part of the initial step of an article marketing campaign is to figure out what kind of content relates best to the business.
    • Figure out technical angles, etc. For a Web design business, the articles that go online or in other public venues should have the right mix of information about the specific industry. This includes content on the right way to code, what good Web design can do for a customer, and all of what is available for a good-looking, modern website.
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    Build content. The content creation step is very important, and it's one of the first things that the company will do when they have established their goals and figured out what they need.
    • Put together a team of writers. Many businesses choose to use a variety of independent freelancers with 1099 contracts. This usually allows the business to order articles on a piece work basis and write off the payments as business expenses. Under these agreements, the freelancers are often responsible to pay their own taxes on the lump payment that they receive from your project.
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    Set up quality testing. With the content coming in, someone in the business leadership team will want to establish a process for making sure they have the best quality, as well as the quantity. They want for article marketing and link building.
    • Look for typos and grammar errors. It's important to watch out for a few common shortcomings in what comes back from the content team. In some cases, the content is riddled with text that doesn't sound right, lacks vernacular, and often has severe spelling and grammar problems. With even the best text, someone has to serve as a quality assurance person to ensure that the copy is right before it goes out on the web.
    • Check for tone and substance. The quality assurance team will also want to check to make sure that the articles sound right and appeal to their target audience in the right way.
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    Find venues. When the quality content is in hand, it's time to select the right places to put these marketing articles. There are such a wide variety of sites and venues available that it makes sense to put together a committee to find the best places where marketing articles will reach their intended audience.
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    Implement article marketing. In one of the final steps, the leadership will delegate the work of actually putting article marketing online in the places that they have identified as the most fruitful for their business.
    • Use links. Along with basic text article marketing, many businesses are creating interactive links that support readers in a journey toward the greater business website. There are a number of ways to do this, and an inspired leadership team can come up with the most effective choices.
    • Do online networking. Often, the venues and forums where article marketing takes place also have features that allow readers to comment. Populating these common sectors can give article marketing more heft and add value to this online marketing strategy.

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