How to Advertise Dog Walking

Four Methods:Post Ads on CraigslistCreate a websitePlace a newspaper adCreate a flyer /hand-bill ad

In order for your small business to stand out amongst the competition, you must learn how to market your business effectively. An effective advertisement grabs customers' attention and has them contacting you for your business. While there are several different ways to get the word out about your dog walking business, you must utilize a variety of advertising techniques targeted towards a variety of customers.

Method 1
Post Ads on Craigslist

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    Use the Internet to post ads to You can post ads either by creating an online account, which allows you to revise or edit any online ads you post. When you post an ad without an account, it is more difficult to manage your personalized ads.
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    Create your ad. Make your listing stand out from others. You can accomplish this in many different ways. 1 way is to capitalize important words and frame these words with asterisks. Use a catchy headline to grab the reader's attention. A good example would be, "New Customers RECEIVE 50 PERCENT off DOG WALKING Services."
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    Post this ad every 2 days. Use pictures/create an images gallery. Craigslist has rules and regulations to keep spam posts limited. This is why you are advised to post only once every 2 days.
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    Change up the ad. Use different worded ads to attract different customers. For example, design a few different ads targeted towards specific types of customers. Make ads for new customers, different ads for returning customers and ads for people with more than 1 dog.
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    Include a small paragraph of information about yourself to let new customers know your background and love for animals. State in your ad how long you have been doing this type of work, and why they should choose your services over another dog walking service.

Method 2
Create a website

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    Make yourself a website to advertise your services. The website is the best showcase of your pet lovable nature and walking and pet care service. Describe yourself and let potential dog owners to know you.
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    Optimize your website to local search results. This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be time consuming, but it guarantees that your website will be shown higher in the organic search results when someone searches for your targeted keywords.

Method 3
Place a newspaper ad

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    Call your local newspaper. Ask for the "classifieds" advertising department and place a classified ad in the services advertising section of the newspaper. Depending on how much money you want to spend on your ad, you can have a large or a small ad-however, the key component to attracting customers is to make your ad short, concise, and catchy in order to grab the attention of potential customers. A good example of a successful ad would be, "Have a dog? Need your dog walked? Call xxx-xxxx for fast, reliable, low-cost, dog walking services."
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    Run the ad for at least a few months. This is the length of time it usually takes to attract customers.
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    Switch your ads every couple of weeks. Run varying ads to attract different customers. Check to see when there is a correlation between ads and customers. Once you determine which ad is more successful at attracting customers, use the remaining time you have left for the newspaper ad to post this particular ad.

Method 4
Create a flyer /hand-bill ad

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    Use your computer to create a hand-bill/ flyer as an ad that you will hand post, hand-out, and place around town. Good places to hang ads are on street-light poles facing traffic. You can also post these ads on various light poles in shopping malls around town.
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    Make different sized ads. Use bright colored paper to catch the attention of onlookers.
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    You can also create small fliers and attach these to the windshield wiper blades of cars in parking lots. Good places to practice this business plan in order to reach your targeted customer base, would be to visit pet store parking lots and veterinarian offices.
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    Go inside these places of business and ask if they have a bulletin board for professional services. Place 1 of your ads on this bulletin board.


  • You can also post dog-walking advertisements on a variety of websites targeted towards animal lovers. Many of these websites also offer free or low cost advertising for small businesses.

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