How to Advertise a Home Daycare Program

Two Methods:NetworkingUse the Media to Advertise

Advertising a home daycare program could require you do so by building trust. If you are just starting your own in-home daycare, you could look forward to building your customer base. If the daycare is already set up and running, you may have some clients already. In this case you may expand and make a bigger profit and a stronger customer base. Advertising for your home daycare program is the best way to improve your business, and the following steps will help you make the most of advertising it.

Method 1

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    Ask your family and friends. If you do not have a daycare started yet, but are looking to open one in your home, you still have contacts you can use: your family and friends. They can spread the word about your services just as customers and employees can.
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    Get your employees to do outreach. Have your employees find new customers to their relatives, neighbors and friends. They will highlight all the helpful details of your daycare program and do the needful. You may give them an incentive on each admission.
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    Use your present customers. If you already have a daycare business program, you already have a network of great advertisers at your disposal: your customers! Parents are the easiest and best way to get word out about your services. They see your quality of care firsthand, and will give honest appraisals to friends and relatives who need childcare services.

Method 2
Use the Media to Advertise

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    Make a website. You could make a paid or a free website to promote and build market value for you home daycare program. This will help people to have something to refer first.
    • You may How to Advertise Your Home Business Online and see the admissions increase. You may highlight how your home daycare program is safe and considerate of the child's needs.
    • You may build trust by adding various details to create interest in the parents.
      • Customer testimonials.
      • Pictures of the activities the kids get to do in the daycare.
      • Their safety measures.
      • Various facilities available in your home daycare program.
      • The staff credentials.
      • Your achievements and other great details.
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    Harness the power of social media. Social media is another easy, free source of advertising your home daycare program. You can post pictures (with parental consent) of the children you already work with as they play games, celebrate birthdays, and create crafts in order to show (rather than tell) how you take care of children.
    • Creating a page on Facebook, Twitter or any other any social media can be used to get the word out to the parents.
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    Take out ads. Classifieds in newspapers or school district newsletters can get the word to customers you may not otherwise be connected to (such as through friends or family, or social media). They do cost money, often per word, but the investment is worth it if you find even just a few loyal and long-time customers willing to pay you to watch their children.
    • If you have your own computer and printer, and access to Microsoft Publisher or if you are very creative yourself, you may buy copy paper and create your own flyers. You can do the design, the wording, and the placement of the flyers. Libraries, town halls, and colleges are just a few of the dozens of free places you can distribute them at.
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    Welcoming clients. Once you start getting a positive response from potential clients, you must build a rapport with a the customers to as to have them come again and opt for your daycare program over the others. Being helpful, pleasant and supportive of their child's needs will go a long way.


  • Safety is a big consideration for families looking for a childcare provider. Make sure that your home daycare is a place where you would consider sending your own child.
  • If you have any special certifications, such as an Early Education degree, or state/Department of Public Welfare certifications, make sure to mention these in your advertisement.
  • Experience as a nanny or babysitter is a plus as well, especially if you are just starting out.


  • You may get irate customers too. Be prepared and ready with your answers so you speak responsibly.

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