How to Adopt an Old Cat

Old cats may sound like they act like older people (moderately cranky), but some are actually very well-behaved and quiet. Do you want one?


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    Think about your other pets (if any). Do you have any dogs? Hamsters? Rats? Maybe you have a parakeet (which must look like free fresh salmon to a cat)? Make sure none of your other pets will be frightened, threatened, or aggressive about the arrival of your old feline pal.
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    Go to the pet store. When you find a cat you like, ask its age, and what breed it is. Some live a long time, while there is still the fact that your newly-adopted old cat might die within a week (though it is highly unlikely). Ask about the breeder (make sure that the breeder was responsible), the health of it, and any health problems you might need to know about (just in case)! If all the answers are positive, adopt the cat!
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    Bring the cat home in a carrier (one may be provided for your furry friend). Make sure you have all the necessities (i.e. food/food dish, water/water dish, a cat brush, and yarn). Although yarn isn't required, cats love anything thin and able to chase(this goes for all cats).
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    Treat it like it's a human, too (though it isn't). If the cat feels comfortable, you both will get along better. Also, if you are older, too (over 40), you will get along even better with your cat. For example, a 61-year old man with a 13-year old cat (which is ancient in cat years) is perfect, as they are both elderly.
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    Live life with your cat! You both will feel comfortable with each other, as you both will get along. Those that get along will be more comfortable with each other. The same goes for owners and pets.


  • Love your cat, and your cat will love you back!
  • Brushing and bathing your cat often (at least once a week for both) will make its coat smooth and healthy. Brushing will reduce the risk of mats and tangles, and bathing your cat will keep it clean. Remember to do both at least once a week, as your cat's health is important.
  • Cook for your cat! Remember, cats love meat (but cannot eat pork)!


  • Don't just pick up a stray off the street, as it may be just an owned cat without a collar on, and if you take in the cat, the actual owners will worry.

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