How to Adopt a Wikia

Have you ever come across a Wikia wiki that has been abandoned and no-one's active to donate the community? If you know a lot about the topic, you can request to adopt it!


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    Make sure that you meet all the requirements. Have there been no active admins for over 60 days? Have you been contributing for a week or more?
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    Go to Community Central > Support > Requests > Wiki adoption.
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    Put the name of the wiki in the box.
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    Fill out the simple form, which is things like "When was the last time an admin edited?"
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    Put in any other additional information. Does the URL need to be changed?
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    Once you have published your request, continue editing the wiki! The more contributions, the better! Make as many as you can!


  • If you do gain rights, use them carefully and attract more contributors.
  • If your request was rejected, don't give up! Continue editing for a while, and put in another request.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements, or your request could be rejected!
  • Sometimes if staff see you have made small, inconsistent edits, they will give you a week to keep on editing and check back. Make the most of this! This a very important time if you do not get rights straight away!


  • Use your rights carefully. Sometimes staff can take away rights if you do not use them properly.
  • You must not be banned on another wiki before adopting.

Things You'll Need

  • A Wikia account
  • Lots of edits

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