How to Adopt a Retired Greyhound

This article goes through the basic steps required to adopt a retired greyhound. The most important part of this is to make sure you are ready to add a family member and give the dog a lifetime commitment.


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    Research local rescues in your area to decide which kind of rescue you would like to work with. You may come across greyhound adoption groups that aren't traditional "rescues"; they breed racers, send them to race, and then adopt them out when they are done racing. These groups tend to be easier to work with during the adoption process but aren't necessarily a "rescue".
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    Choose a dog. Once you choose the agency or agencies that you will apply for adoption to, browse their available dogs and see which dogs catch your eye. If you have other animals or children in your home, it is important to get a greyhound with a "low prey drive".
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    Fill out the adoption application and wait to hear from the rescue.
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    Meet your potential future pet. Before adopting, you will meet the greyhound to make sure it's a good fit. You need to be sure to bring other pets or children for the dog to meet as well. If the greyhound isn't very interested in your cat or small dog, that is a great sign!
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    Bring home your pet. Once you have been approved and have successfully met your pup, you'll be ready to bring home the best dog you will ever own.
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    Prepare a comfy bed for your pet. Greyhounds love to relax and sleep, so giving them a comfy bed and area that is their own is very important.
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    Introduce your dog to your home. Most greyhounds have never been in a house before, so there will be many scary obstacles that should be introduced to them, including slippery floors and stairs. Go slow with your sweet pup, as the new environment will be very scary for him.
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    Wait for your greyhound to get comfortable around you. After your pup has been with you for a few weeks, he will start to come out of his shell and "blossom". Seeing a greyhound relax and become a house dog is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.


  • Go slow when introducing your home to them, remember these dogs only know kennels and it feels strange to them to be free to roam. Plus, there are many new obstacles for them to learn.
  • Do not buy a greyhound as a running companion, they love walks and sprinting but not long distance running. They are low energy dogs and do well with one half hour walk a day.
  • If you have a cat or small dog make sure the greyhound you choose has a low prey drive
  • Get ready to have one of the sweetest, low maintenance dogs you'll ever own
  • Never let a greyhound off leash in an open area, they are sight hounds and some will not return when called.
  • Some greyhounds tend to be a little nervous, when meeting your greyhound for the first time choose one that seems relaxed


  • Once you go greyhound you never go back ;)

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