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Two Parts:Choosing a dinosaurCaring for your dinosaur

Do you want a cool pet? Do your parents not allow you to have one? A pretend dinosaur may be just the solution––here's how to adopt and care for one.

Part 1
Choosing a dinosaur

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    Decide on a dinosaur type. Before you adopt your dinosaur, do your research on dinosaur types.
    • What color?
    • What type? Will it be a herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, etc.? Is it a T-Rex? Is it a Velociraptor? Is it a Parasaurolophus? Choose one. Know the difference between carnivores and herbivores.
    • You can make up a dinosaur if you like. Have a hungryosaurus or a clipcloplodocus or even a Wikiceretops.
    • To make a custom kind of dinosaur, choose a word and add the suffix -saurus, -ceretops, or -raptor. For example: Chocoraptor. Toastysaurus. Eleceretops.
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    Choose its gender and personality. Is he naughty? Is she shy? Make if it is a "he" or a "she" and choose your dinosaur's personality.
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    Choose what form the dinosaur is in. Some people prefer "finding" a dinosaur egg and helping it hatch from there. Or, some people like to act like the dinosaur was already born and he is just lost with no family. Either way it is fun.
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    Give the dinosaur an age. Is he a newborn? Child? Grown up? Old dinosaur? Choose. Most people like to start at "newborn," while others start at "grown up" or "old dinosaur."
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    Give your new dinosaur a name. Find out if it fits and see if it likes it. You should know its name, or it won't know yours.
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    Treat the dinosaur like you would treat family, and not like an animal. Talk to it and tell it how you feel. Listen to it and it will listen to you. It will listen and stand by you from the beginning to the end.
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    Think about the space you have. You must have a decent area for this special pet! (You can imagine you have more space than you really have, such as a field on a cloud if you live in an apartment.)
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    Get some equipment for your dinosaur. You'll need items such as a bed, a bowl, a collar and some food.
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    Get your dinosaur when you have everything planned. You could "spawn" your dinosaur. Or, call an imaginary breeder or you can even go to the imaginary dinosaur store! You could also call an invisible pet shelter. One of the worldwide numbers is (123)-555-6645. This number is pretend. It won't work if you actually call it, but it will if you pretend call it. Another option is to go to and have them teleport one to you, or adopt one from a friend who is a breeder.
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    Show your dinosaur pet around the house. If he or she is scared, tell your dinosaur that your home is a nice home and that he or she will be safe there.

Part 2
Caring for your dinosaur

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    Give your dinosaur food and water every day. Be sure to feed it the correct amount. If you have a dog and he/she uses a dog bowl for food and water, then you can use those unless your dinosaur doesn't like dog food. Don't worry. Most dinosaurs love dog food.
    • Feed your dinosaur what it loves. This depends on what kind of dinosaur he/she is. Remember that some dinosaurs need special diets. Give meat for carnivores. If your dinosaur is vegetarian, lettuce is a good choice. If it has a food word in it's species name, make that food it's staple. For example, a Pizzaraptor eats mostly (but not all) pizza.
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    Make sure your dinosaur has somewhere to sleep! It could be on the couch, on the rug, or even in your bed! Just make sure you cover his claws or he might scratch you in his sleep! If your dinosaur is forced to sleep on the floor and he is scared to do it, give him something he loves and he will be able to sleep with. If he still isn't happy, just let him sleep with you.
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    Take your imaginary dinosaur on trips. Dinosaurs love trips. Bring it on vacation, invite it to the sleepover, bring it to the birthday party or sneak it into school! No one knows you have a pet dinosaur. Only you can see it. Well, if that's what you decide.
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    Show your dinosaur a good time. It will probably want entertainment. Watch movies together, watch your favorite show, take a break and watch AFV (America's Funniest Home Videos) together. Your dinosaur is sure to love it!
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    Play ball outside. Bring the dinosaur to school and play soccer in the soccer field together. Don't leave it sitting there bored.
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    Take it for bike rides. Bike rides are fun. Your dinosaur will love bike rides. If it is about as tall as a skyscraper, you probably need a bike about half the size of a skyscraper.
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    Love your pet. It will always be with you, even when you say: "I don't want this pet anymore". In that case, the dinosaur will be very sad but still by your side. Have fun with your dinosaur!


  • How to build a dinosaur bed:
    • Take a small pillow and place it upon something.
    • Take a tiny sheet and tuck it under the pillow.
    • Lay a small pillow next to you.
    • Take a small blanket or share a blanket.
    • Then take a fuzzy blanket and put it over the sheet, but not tucked under the pillow.
    • You should already have a sheet under you, so you don't need another one.

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