How to Adopt a Deployed US Soldier

Thank you for your interest in Adopt A US Soldier. “Adoption” is as easy as writing letters or as involved as sending care packages. Your level of participation is entirely up to you. However, a weekly letter to your soldier will give them the added morale they so deeply need! Please send a self addressed, non-stamped envelope, (they do not pay postage) to your soldier. This will help ensure their response.


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    Click on the “adopt a soldier here”[1]. Fill out your registration form, being sure to include your complete email address correctly so you can be directly connected with a soldier. After you register, the system puts you into a “validating” group and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to validate. Once validated, you have access to the forum and other features on the site. All you do next is WAIT for the AAUSS volunteers to send your soldier information via your email. This is the perfect time to visit the forum, and 'how to send' and 'what to send' areas of the site!
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    Prepare for a short waiting time. There has been an average 3-5 day wait usually. When there is a program on TV, an article in the paper, a blurb on the radio about adopting a soldier, or it is close to major holidays, there is a huge influx of registrations in a small amount of time. If you wait more than 2 weeks and you had no special requests and have not heard anything from the organization and have looked on the forum under your profile name, contact them to ensure that there is no problems with your registration. Also, ensure that your email is set to accept those from Adopt a US Soldier.
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    Make a 'special' request. Preferences, like gender or branch of service can be fulfilled. However, it is VERY difficult to fill requests beyond that as there is limited information available on the soldiers. What the soldiers put on their registration form is all the information available, and that information is given to you when you are assigned a soldier.
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    Remember, all the soldiers who register are in a combat situation so there is no guarantee that all soldiers will write back or thank you for care packages that are sent. Of course, it is hoped that they will, but many do not or cannot. This is not to gain a pen pal or mate. With that being said, there are thousands of supporters who have heard back and have become extremely close to their assigned soldier. It is suggested to include a self addressed (no need to stamp) envelope in your letters and care makes it easier if they want to respond! Please keep in mind the soldiers first responsibility is the war and staying safe!


  • Do write your soldier a weekly letter. While email is a great form of communication, the soldiers really enjoy receiving letters through the mail as well.
  • Continue to send your soldier a weekly letter through the mail whether you hear from your soldier or not as these weekly letters will let the soldiers know you have not forgotten them even though they have not been able to contact you. The soldiers are known to put these letters into their pockets before going out on mission so they are able to reread them if they have a spare moment. Your weekly letters through the mail are great morale boosters.
  • Make this a family event, have your spouse and children get involved in the adoption process.
  • Budget permitting, it is great to send packages (one option is the $8.95 flat rate boxes that can be jam-packed with goodies), but sending packages is not required to adopt a soldier.


  • Alcohol products
  • The following products are not allowed to be sent:
  • Bulk religious items
  • Pornographic material (includes soft porn magazines)
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Pork or pork containing products

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