How to Adjust to Having a Second Child

Having a second baby can sometimes be more overwhelming than having the first. Now you have to juggle the needs of 2 children without making either feel neglected. It might be challenging, but if you make the necessary adjustments, the process will be easier. Consider the following list of steps if you want to learn how to adjust to having a second child.


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    Review your current budget and recalculate based on the expenses of your new baby. If your baby will be going to a daycare, include that cost per month, in addition to diapers, wipes, formula and other baby needs.
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    Help your first child adjust to having a sibling. Ideally, the adjustment should come before your second child arrives. Put the focus on your first child when dealing with the new baby, and always have your first child help take care of the second. For example, when changing a diaper, have your first child help get the diaper and wipes. Always praise your child for helping.
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    Reevaluate your schedule to manage your time with 2 children. Time management is a necessary skill if you want to get through your days successfully. Recognize, however, that you will need to add more time to your tasks because they will probably take longer now as you have 2 children to take care of. Try to schedule much of your housework while the children are taking naps; this will reduce the amount of interruptions.
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    Get organized. Second baby adjustment means putting everything in its place and keeping it that way. Juggling the needs of 2 children is stressful enough without having to search for wipes or teething medicine. Picking up after yourself will save you the time you would have to put into cleaning up the house.
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    Plan ahead when heading out the door. It will take longer to get ready to leave the home, whether you are doing errands or going to an appointment. Try to be proactive in getting diaper bags prepared ahead of time so you don't need to pack them every time you head out. Have shoes, keys, bags and anything else you usually take with you, ready in their usual spot so you are not searching for them.
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    Lower your expectations. Don't expect that you can do it all with 2 children. With 2 children to take care of and entertain, you may find that you cannot get it all done. If you cannot, you will be left feeling frustrated and incapable.
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    Recognize that you now have 2 personalities to get used to. The likelihood that your new child is the same as the first is slim. Find a way to treat your children the same on the outside while nurturing their differences on the inside. For example, the rules of the home should apply to both, but 1 child may be more artistic while the other is athletic. Take the time to learn how both your children fit into the family.


  • Take time for yourself.
  • Take time with your spouse, if possible. Find a trusted friend or family member who is willing to watch the children while you and your spouse catch up.


  • You may have mood swings due to stress and frustration.
  • Never compare your child with his/her sibling.Remember, each child is special.

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