How to Adjust Office Chair Height

One Methods:Non Pneumatic Chairs

Adjusting the height of an office chair is necessary to ensure good posture as well as to avoid backaches and pinched nerves. Both old office chair models (called non-pneumatic) and new office chair models (pneumatic) are easily adjustable with the turn of a bolt or the pressing of a lever. Be sure to adjust your office chair according to the specific height of the desk you will be at most often as well as for your specific height.


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    Set the chair in front of the desk, table, or whatever plane you will be sitting at in the office chair you need adjusted. This way you will know the height adjustment that needs to be made on the chair.
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    Locate the button, lever, or turning bolt that controls the office chair's height. For pneumatic chairs this will be a lever or button. For non-pneumatic chairs, this will be a thick turning bolt. All levers, buttons, and turning bolts are typically located directly underneath the seat of the office chair itself.
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    Stand next to or in front of your pneumatic office chair and press the lever either up or down (depending on which way it needs to go in order to be the correct chair height). Pressing up will make the chair go up while pressing down will make the chair go down. Use only 1 hand to do this, as you will need the other hand for the following step.
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    Pull up or push down on the seat of the chair using your other hand. Do this gently, slowly moving the chair only inches (or centimeters) at a time.
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    Release the lever or button once you have adjusted the chair to its appropriate height. The chair should automatically lock itself into place once you release the lever or button.

Non Pneumatic Chairs

Loosen the turning bolt directly underneath the seat of the chair by turning it to the left.

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    Slide the chair up or down until it sets at the desired adjusted chair height.
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    Retighten the turning bolt by turning it right until it sets into a locked position.
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    Gently sit down in the adjusted office chair. This height of the chair is correct when you are able to sit in the chair with your feet flat on the floor, your knees are bent at a little bit larger than a 90-degree angle and are positioned lower than your waist. If the chair height is still incorrect, repeat the previous steps until the chair has reached its correct height adjustment.


  • For 20 year old non-pneumatic levers: Place the chair on its side so the legs are free. Turn the knob as far left as possible to unlock. Instead of turning the legs or chair to adjust the height. Turn the plastic casing (just below the threaded stem) left or right. You will see the threads increase with raising and decreases with lowering. After you have it where you need - go back to the knob and turn as far to the right to lock in place. Turn the chair upright and away you go.
  • If there are 2 lever or bolts, 1 is used for the height of the chair while the other is used for the back support of the office chair. Every model and version of office chair is different, so you need to play with all of the levers, button, and turning bolts until you understand which tool controls what part of the chair.
  • Although most office chairs are adjustable with some weight on them, it causes less wear and tear to the chair if you adjust the height without any weight on it at all. Also, adjusting the height of your office chair too often will wear it down much faster.
  • Some chairs have a separate locking mechanism, so be sure to double check that you chair is locked into place before putting your full weight on it.

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