How to Adjust from Summer to the School Year (Girls)

Going from a care-free summer to a packed school-year can be a pain. But if done right, you can smoothly make the transition. Read on to find tips and tricks for Adjusting from Summer to the School Year. Enjoy!


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    Begin waking up earlier. Start one week before the first day of school. Get up and start your day 30 minutes before you usually do. Continue adding time until you reach the time you must wake up for school. Do not turn off your alarm clock and go back to sleep. Eat your breakfast, get dressed, and go outside. Do an activity to wake you up and jump-start your day.
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    Get to bed earlier. If you stay up late in the summer, get in bed at a reasonable hour and read a book or listen to your iPod. Use the same technique you did for waking up. Get in bed a little bit earlier every night.
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    Make sure you have all your supplies. Get a list of what you need from your school. You will feel more at ease with beginning school if you know you are prepared.
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    Go shopping for some new clothes if you have enough money. Invite friends to come with you. Starting school can seem like a drag, but if you are excited and confident, you may feel better about it.
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    Have a good breakfast the morning of the first day. A good breakfast is key to a good school day.
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    Wake up with a reason. Before you fall asleep, give yourself a good, fun reason to wake up early and go to bed early. This could be seeing the sunrise, getting to see your friends, or even just getting to use your phone in the morning.
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    Feel happy and confident. Going back to school means that you will inevitably see people. Everyone will feel anxiety before school starts, and remind yourself that. Think of the worst possible thing that could happen, and find ways to avoid that from happening. Smile and have fun!


  • Enjoy your summer to the fullest and try not to feel anxious or nervous. On the last day of summer, do something that you wouldn't be able to once school starts. Have fun and enjoy the day!
  • Be prepared. Don't wait till the last minute for anything. Buy school supplies early, pack lunch and find an outfit the night before, and get everything ready before school starts.
  • Gradually go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Start 2 weeks before school starts and gradually simulate a school morning and more.

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