How to Add Value to Productivity

Every individual whether he is an employee,businessman, or a professional needs to eke out a living for survival & growth.The efforts he puts in a man hour is the productivity per man hour.The contribution to the bottom is the value for his productivity. A person contributes to the bottom line directly if he owns the business or indirectly if he is working for an employer.

Now how can the value of the productivity be relevant in the individual sense?

Well every worker is productive,so long as he puts in the required man hours.However the value and its impact on the organisation's bottom lines vary from person to person depending on factors such as IQ,intelligence,dedication,knowledge and experience. However with a little more application every one can increase the value of the productivity.for an employee,a constant increase in the value to the productivity is required for survival and growth.

Value of productivity applies to every one, a factory worker,an office employee,a marketing executive, HR, supply chain and workers in any other discipline or domain.

How to go about it?


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    Plan your schedule: Plan your schedule in such a way that he has time for everything His personal work,His family responsibilities.His recreation, his hobbies and cultural & social obligations.
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    Your Mind should be totally concentrated on work: During work hours,you should ensure that you have nothing on mind except your work. This will help you to concentrate on work and add value to your productivity.
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    Work undertaken should justify man hours: You should always do work or spend time for work which is always proportionate to the investment being made for your man hour.The work of less man hour value should be delegated to the appropriate junior staff.
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    It is better to say no, than to do improper work: You should not waste your time trying to do work which is beyond your expertise level. You should refuse to take such work and explain the management the reasons with justification.
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    A productive employee is better than a good Samaritan: You should not spend your man hours in helping others at the cost of your productivity. A selfish worker with good value for his productivity will always be preferred to a good Samaritan whose value for productivity is less.
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    Plan your requirements in advance: You should inform the stores or warehousing department sufficiently in advance regarding your requirements of tools and raw material and ensure that everything is ready by the time you start your work.Your wasting of time waiting for materials will reduce your value of productivity.
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    Keep Schedules & deadlines: A Delay at your level can be delay at all levels and delivery: Since the processes are interrelated and interdependent,a delay at your level will not only cause a loss at your level but also cause losses at all the future processes in the production cycle, and the delivery of the final product.
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    Be into the job Heart,Mind and soul: Total concentration is required from the first hour to the last.Lapse in concentration adversely impact the quality of the work and product. The value of productivity gets reduced if there are rejections.


  • The employee should reach his work place a little earlier than his login time, so that he can start his work in a relaxed state of mind.otherwise, he will not be at peace with himself and the value of productivity may be affected.
  • An employee should have sufficient rest in between his work so that he remains fresh always.
  • An employee should have his lunch during the same time daily. so that his health remains in control. A healthy employee can give better value for his productivity.
  • In case of ill health or indisposition,He should immediately inform his supervising official apply leave and leave the work spot to get medical attention.An employee should not work unless he is medically and mentally fit.

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