How to Add UIBs to a wikiHow Page

UIBs are User Information Boxes that contain an informational blurb about editors (such as the UIB to the right). wikiHow editors like to put them on their user page, so here are instructions that will teach you how to add them to your own.


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    Select a UIB from here. There are lots of different UIBs to choose from.
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    Copy the title from the UIB page to avoid mistakes or a broken link. Add two curly brackets to either side of the title.
    • Identical capitalization, spelling and spacing is needed as codes are case sensitive.
    • Exclude "Template:" and use only the text thereafter.
    • Example: Use {{User Socks}} for Template:User Socks.
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    Click on the Edit tab at the top of your user page.
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    Type the code for the UIB template at the desired location in the edit window for your user page.
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    Click on "Preview" at the bottom of the page to review what your user page will look like. If you have red text (a broken link) instead of a UIB, you have done something wrong.
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    Write a note in the "Edit Summary" at the bottom of the page such as "adding UIB" if you'd like.
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    Click on "Publish" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
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    Enjoy your new UIB(s).


  • If you have a specific UIB in mind, but can't find it, you can create a UIB.
  • You are not supposed to edit UIBs, because they are templates for everyone. However, if you are skilled enough with code, you can copy the code and tweak it until the UIB is just right for you.
  • You can add a cool background or border to go along with your UIBs. See Make a wikiHow User Page.
  • If you're still having trouble after reading this whole article try asking a help team member what you're doing wrong.
  • Unfortunately UIBs don't line up into nice columns or tables by themselves. See Make Userboxes Line Up Neatly.


  • Do not copy and paste the Edit page of a template as this will categorize your page within Category:UserInfoBoxes.

    • Add {{Uib Guideline}} to an editor's Talk page to reinforce this concept.
  • If the UIBs shows up on your user page as red text (a broken link) then you aren't using the correct code. If you type {{user socks}} or {{UserSocks}} it won't work, but {{User Socks}} does because that's the exact template name (title of page).

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