How to Add Something to Humanity

So you want to add something to humanity? How wonderful! This is a great credit to you, and how helpful to humankind too! Here are some ideas to help you have some good fruit on your branch of the "Tree of Life."


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    Decide what you want to add. Should it be cultural, something for underprivileged children, a food program for starving people or, virtually, anything else? But, find something that suits your personal standards and interests.
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    Think of what may be needed to make a difference. Toys for the poor kids, an art workshop in middle school or just some food to hand out.
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    Write your idea as a guide, and while you're at it: be sure to write some ideas of how to achieve your step-by-step goals too.
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    Stop dreaming, and start adding! Find people who are willing to help out; start to raise funds, etc. Arrange a meeting and make some solid plans: Divide tasks, brainstorm (two heads are better than one!), and last -- but certainly not least: check with government agencies.
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    Decide as soon as possible which permits, etc. should be obtained to keep your charity legal, requests for that kind of stuff can take forever to complete. However, under religious freedom rights (if you want to go that route), you may begin immediately to minister to human needs...
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    Complete the good that you have begun and make sure that it works rightly: to actually add something to humanity!


  • Seek workers who are "smarter" than yourself: that will make you a genius as you made it possible!
  • Look "everywhere" for people to help you, place posters on bulletin boards, post a message on online forums, etc. Write an article...
  • Don't give up if at first you don't succeed. Try again, remember that Thomas Edison had over 1000 failed light bulbs on route to lighting the whole-world. If you get stuck, try getting other people to help out.
  • Over the long-run: if you want to feed a person for a day: give him a fish; if you want him to have food for years: let him have a fish hook and some string, and even a fishing rod!
  • Make it fun. Enjoy the thrills and spills while doing something so good that everyone may benefit!


  • Keep it legal, make sure you have the right permits and follow legal procedures to avoid unnecessary judicial entanglements, unless that's your way of get publicity (or notoriety, but well intentioned?).

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