How to Add Math Symbols in Online Assessments

Undoubtedly, everyone needs mathematical knowledge to strive forward in the 21st century. As a central part of contemporary education and fundamental of other science subjects, mathematics is abstract, and the mathematical courses are quite difficult. Most math or science instructors believe that mathematical ability requires much practice and many assessments. Nowadays, most assessments take place online, and we're faced with a rather annoying problem - lack of mathematical symbols available for usage. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to this problem - read on to find out more.


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    Use a character map. To deal with this limitation simply, instructors resort to turning symbols and equations into image files (e.g., gif) which can then be displayed by browsers.
    • In Windows, go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map to insert special math symbols.
    • Then, make use of free built-in Paint in Windows Accessories to convert the mathematics equations with special symbols to images.
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    A second approach is to create symbols using a XML-based language called MathML (Mathematical Markup Language), which then requires a MathML "plug-in" to be installed to a browser to display the symbol.
    • MathML is a low-level specification for describing mathematics as a basis for machine to machine communication by the W3C Math working group.
    • It provides a much needed foundation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages. Get more information about MathML at

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