How to Add Fonts to Illustrator

Adobe Systems' Illustrator is a popular program used for creating graphics, logos, 3D images and typesetting. A number of pre-loaded fonts are available in Adobe Illustrator when you download it. However, you may find that a certain project calls for a specialized font. Installation is easy, and fonts can be added to Illustrator simply by first adding them to your computer. This article will show you how to add fonts to Illustrator.


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    Locate the font that you want to use. It's important to note that the font must be complete, with bold, italics and other special characters, for it to be recognized by Adobe Illustrator.
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    Download the font onto your computer. If it's not already located on your computer, download it now, and save it to a location you can find easily. Most font files downloaded from the internet are sent in compressed form.
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    Unpack your font. After downloading, unzip the font file and save it in the correct location on your computer. This location will differ if you are using Windows or Mac operating systems.
    • On Windows OS, right-click the downloaded font and click "Install".
    • On Mac OS, double-click the downloaded font which will cause Font Book to open and display the font so you can preview it, click "Install" to finish the process.
    • Restart Illustrator. Newly installed fonts will show in the font menu after the application has been restarted, and the fonts loaded into the font library.
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    Open a document. You can create a new document, or open an existing document, as desired.
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    Click on an existing text box or create a new text box using the Type tool (T)
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    Click on the Character menu on the top horizontal tool bar. Select your new font from the list of available fonts.
    • Note: you can also select a font by clicking on the Type menu from the main menu bar, then select Font > [your new font]
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    Start typing your text in your new font. That's all there is to it! Don't forget to save your work.


  • If you would like your file to only be available to Adobe software, Select the Adobe application and save them in the Adobe Fonts folder.


  • If you do not see your new font, make sure it contains all versions: Bold, Italic, and Regular.

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