How to Add Feeling to a Room

Would you like a more lively room, a sadder room, a more passionate room? Does your room feel emotionless? You can add feeling to a room creating an atmosphere that reflects who you are, radiates warmth and welcome and contains the elements of living like you truly desire. How to do that is by playing with colors, textures, lights, accessories, upholstery, schemes, patterns, formation and placements and a lot more.


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    Personalize the room. This means adding elements to it that represent who you are, and not what everyone else is doing. Magazines, designers, experts or the internet comes with a lot to choose from.
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    Remember, less or more. For many people, this can often be interpreted as being less spartan and more homely, with trinkets, photos, special things, stuffed toys and comfortable elements placed everywhere in the room. Before you do anything, ask yourself: "Am I a minimalist or a maximalist?" Then you will have a good idea of whether you'd like to add more or less things to the room.
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    Choose between colors. Not all colors make you feel the same way. If you would like a group of members to like the new wall color, think about what you all collectively like or could be fine with. This color must be one that everyone collectively like and not just are 'okay' with.
    • Olive green gives a rich feel some feel.
    • Typically shades of green give energy.
    • Warmth and brightness brought by reds, oranges, pinks and yellows are often associated with a room that has feeling.
    • Blue creates a feeling of strength and acceptance. All colors bring a story with it. Certain colors remind you of your personal memory. Hence, you must consider what you like and be willing to carry on with your likes.
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    Choose a combination of colors. You may go simple with all the walls with the same color or all four walls with four different colors. You may also choose two walls with the same color and the other two facing walls with the same.
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    Visualize. The best way to know how your room will look after it is done is through creative visualization.
    • You may create a 3D room through computer applications or MS paint to see how exactly or roughly your room will look.
    • Checking online for how a certain color, combination of colors, or textures look is a good idea.
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    Add textures. This could involve making big changes with the wall coloring and then texturing it or it could be done via adding objects that bring in their textures to compliment the room. For adding different or any great texture you could add items that are texturally delightful.
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    Implement the basics of upholstery. Upholstery includes the curtains, mats, carpets, or any fabric used in the room. This aspect of a room could be used to change the feel of the room dramatically from dull to stunning. You could do it tastefully in the following ways.
    • Choose cozy throw rugs, comfortable cushions, billowy pillows, soft rugs and smooth curtains for the room.
    • Prefer fabrics that are nice to touch. You may choose from linens, cottons, burlap, velvet, satin and other such fabrics are wonderful choices. Organza and other see-through fabrics can make nice wispy statements.
      • Pick a soft feathery carpet or a royal looking one as per your choice.
      • Use soft or textured furniture covers and cushions.
      • Using beautiful, vibrant and colorful curtains.
      • You may add bells or fancy dangling objects to hang with the curtains.
      • To spruce up the curtains up a notch you may consider adding a dash of color to the curtain tiebacks.
      • To make a bold statement you may choose prominent metallic finished ones.
      • Curtain tiebacks could either go with the rest of the color scheme or create a contrast for a more fun and lively look.
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    Play with your favorite colors. If you like some colors, even if they're not traditional you may go ahead with it and make your room special in every way. For example, if your favorite color is blue, add blue things to the room, such as a blue armchair, table mat, wall hangings, wind chime etc.
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    Decorative objects. You can use some statement pieces to add more feelings to your room. Accessories, art pieces, paintings, sculptures, posters, etc which would do it for you. A combination of well-placed decorative items will add much aesthetic value to it and give out lively vibes for everyone to delve in.
    • If you want to create a rich archaic feel you may buy beautifully designed old styled items to go with your room.
    • Place paintings on the walls. You don't have to spend a lot on these if you don't want to. You may paint one yourself or ask a friend who is artistically proficient to paint them for you. You may visit a thrift store or a auction house and pick up some fantastic paintings for next-to-nothing.
      • Choose paintings with lively, fun and interesting subject matter, as well as choosing pictures that have special meaning for you.
    • Add posters to the walls. These could be of places you'd like to visit or have visited, bands you like listening to, science fiction or science themes, animals, or more.
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    Lights. Consider the lighting of the room with keen attention. Lighting can change the mood of a room dramatically and can help to make it feel cozier and more lived in.
    • Choose between lights that give out different effect.
    • Choose lamps that are very colorful, ornate, both or just plain depending upon what you prefer. You may add extra lamps too.
    • Consider using some fairy lights or Christmas lights to give a festive feeling.


  • Think of what you would like in the longer run as room decor or styles are not changed daily.
  • Many different things could be clubbed in together to amplify the feel of the room depending upon your interest.
  • Do not hesitate to try new things or take a chance if you have an experience of good experimenting.


  • Choose everything with comfort in mind.
  • Let no new addition or replacements be hard to adjust to or be jarring to the eyes or mind.

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