How to Add Curb Appeal to Your House

One of the most valuable ways you can renovate a home is by adding curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of the exterior of your property. There are many different ways to improve the curb appeal; whether you are a house flipper, or you are in the process of selling your own personal property.Utilizing this strategy is incredibly important because the front of the home is the first glimpse of the house that the prospective buyers will get. They will see your listing, either online or in a newspaper, and usually, these listings will ONLY show a photo of the exterior of the home. So in a split second, the potential buyer will decide whether or not he or she wants to look into the property further. To get the best first impression, make sure you optimize the curb appeal.


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    Install A New Mailbox. One of the cheapest and most overlooked ways to boost the curb appeal of a property is by adding a new mailbox. When trying to find your open house, the prospective buyers will be searching for the your house number. Most of the time, they will find it by seeing it posted on the mailbox.
    • If your mailbox is rusty and falling apart, and has old, unreadable numbers, they might be immediately turned off. Take the time to buy a new mailbox, or slap on a fresh coat of brightly colored paint to evoke a great first impression. You could even match the color to that of your front door, which leads us to the next step.
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    Create An Appealing Entryway. Not every buyer might notice the tiki torches you used to border the pool, but you can be sure that every one of them will see the front door. At the very least, paint the front door a bright color.
    • If the door is in poor condition, you might even consider investing in a new one.
    • Make sure you buy new door hinges and doorknobs as well.
    • Additionally, you might consider improving or installing a walkway leading up to the front door.
    • Finally, line the walkway with cheap LED solar powered lights for a great effect.
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    Add Plant Life. One of the biggest turnoffs for potential buyers is a lifeless front yard. If you are selling your house when the weather is nice out, try to improve the greenery. In addition to mowing the lawn, there are a number of different ways to do this. You could plant beds of flowers or small bushes along the sides of the house and driveway. You might even consider buying a few potted plants to make the doorway or porch feel more warm and lively.
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    Improve The Driveway. Although it can be expensive, improving the driveway will add to the value of your house. A cracked driveway is most commonly fixed by hiring a team for a repave. Additionally, you can add a great classy look by installing a border to the driveway. If you are working with a smaller budget, a clever trick to make a driveway look brand new is by hosing it down. A quick spray before the open house might make a big difference on the first impressions of the prospective buyers.
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    Clean Up The Face Of The House. There's nothing worse that a house with peeling paint and ugly features. You could improve the front of the property by: painting the exterior, adding vinyl siding, painting or installing a trim, painting the porch, garage, and shutters, cleaning the roof, power washing the exterior and porch, cleaning or installing new windows and new gutters, and buying a new set of address numbers.
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    Create An Exterior Focal Piece. While most of the other steps are more or less essential, this one is optional. If you have some extra money in your budget and you don't know what you should spend it on, consider adding a focal piece to the front yard. Cheap items like an Adirondack chair on the porch, an arbor in the garden, or a new set of patio furniture might be just what you need to make a difference.


  • Always set a budget before tackling curb appeal, or any part of the rehab process.


  • Don't waste money on greenery if you are selling the home in the late fall or winter.

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