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Does your cell phone look like everybody else's? If so, perhaps you'd like to take it from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of a little (or a lot of) bling. Slang for bejeweled personal accessories, bling has been popular for quite a while now and looks set to stay. For an attractive, bejeweled and bright cell phone, try the following bling makeover to help it really stand out.


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    Select the bling adornments. If you don't have rhinestones, costume jewels or similar bling already, department stores, craft stores and online sellers will have a range of suitable bejeweled items for sale. Choose the colors and styles that please you most––you might want a favorite color, to match specific outfits or to make the phone stand out regardless of your favorite hues. Spend as much––or as little––as you can spare.
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    Develop a pattern or design plan. Use paper and pencil if you wish, or just explore different designs on a hard surface. Possible patterns and designs include: all one color, stripes, diagonal, your initials—–the design is only limited by the space on the cell phone and how complex you want it to be. Putting thought into the planning of your design saves time in the long run and prevents errors.
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    Clear a workspace area. Set up your equipment in a safe place where you can leave it and come back to it––this is quite a demanding task, so it's likely you'll want to take breaks and resume the attachment of the rhinestones later.
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    Start attaching the bling. Depending on the type of faux gems you're using, one of the following methods should work:
    • If you purchased stick-on rhinestones, just peel of the tape and stick it to the surface of your phone in the correct position.
    • If there is no self-adhering on the gems, prepare to glue them in place. Using the glue gun, quickly put a dab of glue on the rhinestone and hold it on your phone for 5 seconds to make sure it's firmly in place.
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    Let your phone rest at room temperature for 5 minutes and don't touch it. This will allow the attached rhinestones to properly adhere and keep the design in place.
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    Stroke your fingers over the stones after the five minutes are up to make sure they don't fall off. If they do, replace them. Keep sticking the gems on until the whole design is completed.
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    Done. Your cell phone is now unique and blinged out.


  • Considering buying stick-on rhinestones for the easiest application. These products allow you to just peel the tape off the back and you ready to go. Moreover, they're far easier to remove than glued items.
  • When planning your design, try downloading a picture of your phone from the Internet and printing it out as a template to use.
  • Also remember when you want to take the rhinestones out, it will leave a sticky problem on your phone.
  • Adding rhinestones may take awhile to do. Take breaks as needed––both you and the design will benefit from frequent breaks.
  • If you do not care for rhinestones try a beading store; there will be a good selection of many small shiny things available that you can glue.
  • Beyond hot glue, other glues like Super Glue will also work for this project.


  • Stick-on rhinestones can get caught in your hair while you are on the phone.
  • Hot glue guns are hot––handle with care and follow the instructions accompanying the gun. Remember to turn it off when you're done.

Things You'll Need

  • Rhinestones or other faux gems
  • Cell phone
  • Glue or glue gun
  • A sketch of the perfect design for your cell

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