How to Add Bling to Baby Shoes

Baby shoes can be rather pricey, especially the more decorative ones. Rather than spending a lot of money on shoes that baby probably will only wear for a one-off photo shoot or party, you can jazz up an ordinary pair of baby shoes with your own decorative additions. Here is how to make your baby's shoes stand out by adding bling!


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    Buy an ordinary, plain pair of baby shoes. You can make plain baby shoes if you prefer. You'll find suitable shoes in baby wear stores, generalist department stores, online stores and auctions and even through hand-me-downs from friends and family.
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    Buy or gather your bling. Head to the craft store or rummage through your craft supplies. Look for decorative items such as sequins, rhinestones, costume gems, ribbon bows––in fact, anything you like to call bling.
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    Design the bling pattern for baby's shoes. Designs might include a pattern, a drawing, a random design, and so forth. Easily created shapes include hearts, ducklings, kisses, hugs, smileys, bunnies, bows etc.
    • Identify where you'll be putting the bling to form each design. It helps to draw the design plan on paper first, so that you can follow it as you stick the decorative elements in place.
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    Start gluing. Follow your design and glue on the bling pieces. Sequins, rhinestones, buttons, and fake gems make great outline pieces, while ribbon and markers can define lines or add decorative touches. You can sew on buttons and ribbon if you'd prefer.
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    Leave it to dry. A good 24 hours is probably a safe time to leave it to dry properly.
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    Put the shoes on baby for special events when baby will be supervised carefully. Good occasions include baby's first birthday, Christmas, or another person's birthday. Due to the small size of the objects being added to the shoes, you must supervise the baby at all times during wearing, to prevent the potential for choking and swallowing small, potentially harmful items. See the warning below.


  • Use pretty socks, too––adding some bling to the socks instead of too much to the shoes might also be more comfortable for baby.
  • Colored satin ribbons add a pretty touch, and can be chosen to match baby's outfit. Don't tie them on too tightly, though!
  • Use fabric paints to add more design features.
  • If you have a printer, buy iron-on transfers and print off baby's face. Iron onto cotton or other suitable fabric shoes (don't do this to leather or synthetic shoes). Bling baby's face on the shoes. Put a bow in baby's hair to top it off.


  • If you stitch anything on, make sure that the thread on the inner side is free of knots, and will not cut or hurt baby in any way.
  • Never leave a baby out of sight when wearing bling shoes. Your baby might chew the shoe and swallow loose bling. This is only for wearing when supervised, for the photo shoot, and for a short party. If you can't supervise baby properly, take off the shoes and put them out of reach.

Things You'll Need

  • Bling pieces
  • Hot glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Markers and/or fabric paint

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