How to Add a New Method to an Existing Article on wikiHow

If you're new to editing on wikiHow with the advanced editor, it's easy to get stumped when you need to add a new method or part to an article. Wiki formatting is quite unusual to those who haven't edited on wikis before, and is easy to get lost with. If you make sure to follow the steps below, though, you'll be one step closer to being fluent in wiki language.


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    Be comfortable with wikiHow's syntax. If you're new to editing on wikis, the way wikiHow articles are coded can be a bit of a shock and difficult to figure out. Before you start actively using wikiHow's Advanced Editor, it's best to know how articles are formatted and set up.
    • Sections in a wikiHow article, such as Steps, Tips, and Related wikiHows, are created by placing two equals signs on both ends of the title of the section. For example, if you wanted to add a "Related wikiHows" section to an article through Advanced Editor, you would type "== Related wikiHows ==" under the Warnings section (or under the Tips section if the article has no warnings) and then add in related wikiHows.
    • A numeral sign (#) is used to create a step - the numeral sign is listed first, then the step is written out. If you need to add substeps, you would type "#*" without the quotations. You can also add on a substep to a substep by placing two asterisks instead of one, but this isn't too commonly used.
    • When you need to separate things by bullet points rather than by steps, place an asterisk instead of a numeral sign. Asterisks are used in any section that isn't in the Steps category, such as Tips, Warnings, Things You'll Need, Ingredients, and Related wikiHows.
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    Enter the Advanced Editor. To enter wikiHow's advanced editor, click on the Edit tab that's above the article. Once the page loads, click on "Switch to Advanced Editor", and you will be transferred to the advanced editor. From there, you can add sections to your wikiHow article.
    • If the article you want to edit already has Methods or Parts, it will automatically redirect to the Advanced Editor, as Guided Editor does not support having subsections.
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    Under "Steps", add in your subsection. Adding in a subsection is fairly simple; it builds off of the preexisting sections in a wikiHow article. Since "== Steps ==" already exists, the way you make a subsection is by adding on another equals signs on both sides of the name of your subsection. The end result would have six total equals signs instead of four, with three on each side.
    • For example, if you were writing an article about creating characters, your first subsection could be "=== Creating Your Character's Basis ===", and the second subsection could be "=== Designing a Backstory ===".
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    Add in subsections to your subsections, if needed. In a few cases, some wikiHow articles need a way of categorizing different methods of achieving the same result. This can be even more confusing if you're new to wikiHow syntax. However, keep in mind that you're building off what already exists. Since you're building off of your subsection, you're going to need eight total equals signs, with four on each side, like "==== Designing Your Character's Appearance ====". However, only use subsections within subsections if it's absolutely necessary.
    • A good example of subsections to subsections is How to Clean a Sponge. The article defines two ways of how to clean the sponge, but breaks one of the methods down into multiple ways of deep cleaning the sponge, all of which still have the desired effect.
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    Decide whether your article will be in methods, or in parts. Depending on your article's content, you will need to decide if the steps in your article are supposed to be followed together or if you can just follow one section and still achieve the desired result. If you can split the article up into sections, perform only one of the sections, and still get the proper result, then your article should probably be logged as Methods; if you can't, your article should be classed as Parts.
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    Specify whether your article is Methods or Parts. At the end of any wikiHow article that requires subsections, you'll need to add in the wiki syntax that specifies whether your subsections are considered Methods or Parts. It isn't difficult to do; all that's required is that you put the proper code at the end of the article.
    • If your article uses Parts rather than Methods, put __PARTS__ at the end of the article.
    • If your article uses Methods, put __METHODS__ at the end of the article. This isn't necessary to do, as when an article is divided into subsections, it will default to showing "Methods" in your subsections; however, it helps to keep your article organized.
    • A subsection within a subsection will not be included when you specify if your article includes Parts or Methods. These are usually meant to show different methods inside of a method.
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    Publish your changes. After you've finished adding new methods or parts to your wikiHow article, write an edit summary and publish your changes by clicking the Publish button under the article text.


  • Not every article needs Methods or Parts included in it. It really depends on the content of the article.

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