How to Add a Headphone Jack to a BoboVR Headset

The BoboVR headset provides an immersive VR experience. It features its own built-in sound system but if you want to add an external audio jack, it just takes a little modding.


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    Remove the face guard.
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    Remove the 4 case screws.
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    Roll the side dials until the front case (black phone holder and lens assembly) is fully extended. Pull up back housing. Fold over carefully as headphones and button jack are still attached.
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    With the PCB exposed, desolder the 4 speaker wires.
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    Remove the dial screw and slide off the dial.
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    Remove the white cover. This step is a bit tricky once the dial is removed, there is a white plastic cover that needs to be removed. Use the flat head screw driver to push tabs in; starting from inside to out and then remove cover. Do no use force to pry because they can be damaged and cover won't go back into place.
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    Remove the 4 screws holding headphone and bracket. Pull off head phones and pull wire through. Then replace these screws back over straps.
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    Reattach plastic cover and dial. Repeat for other side. There will be a tiny bit of light bleeding through where the headphones were, so you might want to add something small where headphones were to block out light.
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    Measure for placement of 3.5mm jack. The front case lip is 1/2" so make sure jack wont touch the case when it is fully retracted. Cut the wire and strip the ends.
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    Bridge ground connections and solder wires to jack, then solder wires to the board.
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    Test the headphone jack. You can use a stereo test app to test L and R individually.
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    Drill and mount the jack. Be sure to measure carefully and set the angle of the jack so it sits snugly.
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    Reassemble. Lay black front case face down and turn the dials in all the way then mostly out to make sure that both sides are moving evenly. Make sure you screw in the case screws when its almost fully expanded or you will lose distance.


  • If your having trouble finding 3.5mm jack search "3.5mm stereo panel mount jack" and that should come up with the right part.
  • You can tape the new wires out of the way to make sure they don't get in the way of the dial mechanism, but that may not be needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screw driver
  • Flat head screw driver or spudger tool
  • Soldering iron
  • Power drill (to add hole for the jack)
  • Standard wire 20-26ga
  • 3.5mm stereo panel mount jack

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