How to Add a Border in Microsoft Word

One of the widely used applications in the Microsoft’s Office Suite is MS Word. With Word, you can create various types of files ranging from simple text documents to even web pages. It’s not only text that you can use in MS Word. You can add arts and images as well.


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    Click on “Page Layout” tab. It’s along the toolbar on the upper-left section of the window.
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    Click on “Page Borders. You’ll see this under the Page Layout tab. It will bring up the Borders and Shadings window.
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    Click on the Page Border tab in the small window. That is if it’s not yet selected.
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    Adjust the necessary settings. This will make your border as close to what you envision it to be:
    • Setting. Choose the display effect of the border. You can set it to be as simple as a box, a shadow, or 3-D. You can even create a custom setting.
    • Style. Set what the border will look like. It can be a simple line, dotted, or layered.
    • Color. Choose what color you would like the border to be. By default, border colors are set to black.
    • Width. Specify the thickness of the border.
    • Art. If you want a more graphic border, you can choose from the list of predefined artworks that you can use as borders. Note that you can’t use the Style and Art settings at the same time.
    • Apply to. Select whether the border will only appear on the first page, a certain page, or the entire document.
    • Margins. To adjust the measurements of the border from the edge of the paper, click on “Options,” and set the appropriate margin measurements.
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    Click on “OK” once you’re done. This will apply all your specifications to the border.


  • Although borders are a great way to display proper alignment on your document, you’d want to check the formatting guidelines of the document you’re doing first to make sure that the border you’re about to use complies with it.
  • For formal documents, it would be best to stay away from thick borders unless necessary. If a border is a must on the document, try using narrow borders first to see if it’s visually pleasing.

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