How to Add a Bedroom

Adding a bedroom to your home can increase its overall value and offer you additional private living space. Here are some suggestions to help you do it.


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    Design your room. Create a budget and determine how large of a space you want to create. Remember that in most towns a bedroom must fit the legal requirements of having at least one fully functioning door, window and closet space. It may be helpful at this point to hire a designer to help you design your room so that you can maximize its potential.
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    Determine if you have the space in your home. Find an area in your home that would be a good place to construct your room. You can quickly do this by using a tape measure and seeing if the dimensions of your designed room will fit in your home. You can typically find available space either in the garage, basement, attic or the general living space. Alternatively, you could consider cutting an existing bedroom in half in order to create space. If you do not have sufficient space in your home then you will need to have an extension built on your home.
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    Hire a contractor. Ask family and friends for recommendations or try a professional home builder's association for their preferred contractors in your area. Always check your contractor's references. Be sure to get a contract in writing and have it reviewed by your lawyer before you sign it. The contract should clearly say what work the contractor will do and at what price.
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    Obtain the appropriate permits from your town. Allow your contractor to help you with this.
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    Have your room constructed and review your contractor's work upon completion.
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    Allow the local authority to review the contractor's work to be sure that you are in full compliance with building codes. This check is best performed by a professional home inspector.
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    Decorate your new space. You can either do this yourself or with the aid of a talented professional designer. Add wall art, furniture, rugs, blinds, window treatments and accessories to your heart's content.
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    Enjoy your new space.


  • Make sure that your contract with your contractor has a clause in it that says that your new bedroom must pass a home inspection safety test before the contractor's work is done.
  • Carefully consider your reasoning for why you want to add a new room. If it is simply to add value to your house's worth then you may want to consult a home appraiser to determine if your expenses in building the new space will pay off.
  • Always treat any professional you deal with respect. If there is a problem then try to have it resolved without any fighting. Remember that you will attract more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • Hiring a designer can make the design process much easier.
  • Always have your contract specify a fixed price for the construction project.
  • Always check references for any professional you hire.


  • Don't pay your contractor in full upon signing of the contractor. Instead pay him in installments as he works towards completion of the project.
  • Have your new space checked by a safety home inspector upon completion.
  • Always comply with local building regulations. Failure to comply with the law will lead to serious consequences.
  • Check those references. Don't forget this essential step.
  • Never let strangers in your space without your direct supervision. There are a lot of shady people in the world.

Things You'll Need

  • Graphing paper for designing your room
  • Lawyer
  • Contract
  • Contractor
  • Professional Home inspector
  • Common sense
  • Patience
  • Professionalism

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