How to Act Yandere Without Being Weird

Yandere is a term for a person, used most often as an archetype in Japanese fiction, who simultaneously fits the sweet, romantic, loving, affectionate character type and the psychotic, dramatic, violent type. A yandere person shows their affection through obsessive acts and gets violent or creepy when jealous or ignored. If you want to be yandere, read on to learn about how you can.


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    Choose someone you wish to obsess over. It can be a friend who you stay a little too close to or a crush who doesn't mind if you act a little possessive.
    • Make sure that the recipient of your affections is okay with it. You don't want to make them too uncomfortable or it may strain your relationship.
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    Develop specific smiles for different situations. If you get what you want, use your little happy smile. If you don't get what you want, do a little, creepy smirk. If something went really wrong, give a huge smile, like you're going to hurt someone (but don't actually hurt anyone).
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    Stick very close to the person you chose and say some flattering yet creepy things. For example, say things like, "I like you so much that I'll watch you forever," "You're so important that I won't let anyone else get close to you," etc.
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    When your person is not around, you can talk about him or her to your other friends. Try not to make them jealous, just let them know not to get too close to him/her.
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    Adopt the gestures and mannerisms of your favorite Yandere characters. For example, a lot of Yandere girls put their hands on their face when talking to their person. Practice this in the mirror and see if you look good doing it.
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    Dress the part. Most Yandere girls dress innocently (skirts, bows, calm colors) in order to not give away that they're Yandere until you get to know them.
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    Practice your laugh. A cute but creepy laugh is good perfect. Just try to sound your own age when laughing, don't try to sound like a ten year old if you're seventeen.


  • Warn your person that you'll be spending more time with them.
  • Don't act this way during class or when teachers are talking to you.
  • Don't go too far. If someone tells you to stop, then it's time to stop.
  • Don't threaten to kill someone, because that could make people think that you are trying to be a yandere. No one likes a faker.


  • Don't molest your person. Recognize that they have personal boundaries and respect them.
  • If someone asks you to back off, or if they seem afraid of you, it's time to cool it down. Real life is different from movies. Threats and over-possessiveness can quickly cross the line into abuse, which is never okay.
  • You're still being weird by being Yandere, you're just being a little more socially acceptable than regular Yanderes

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