How to Act Serious, Emotionless, and Professional

Are you a teenage kid, being bullied? Rejected by your peers? Turned down by every girl you were attracted to? Treated like a loser, dork, or a joke? This article isn't about improving yourself or being more mature and developing relationships with the school goody goodies. It is an option for those unfortunate few who are hurt constantly by peers, and are sick of being everyone's "fool". This will help you project a more confident affect to your peers and take you from the bottom of the pecking order to a social space outside the group.


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    Lessen your smiles and laughter. This is the single most important step; remember, you can laugh as much as you want over a joke by yourself in a quiet place, in your own mind, or at home, but when a person tells you a joke, or something funny or joyful, don't smile or laugh. Be nice, express your emotions by your words, and not by your facial expression.
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    Have a serious, "no funny stuff" look on your face whenever you are moving through an area where others are present.
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    Speak formally. Make sure to speak clearly and to only use formal speech. Always address teachers, your peers, and others by their proper names, unless they specifically ask otherwise.
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    Be cautious of bullying girls. Sometimes girls come up to you and act like they are overly friendly, (ex. "Hi Fred! How was your day?"). Maybe they even giggle at you behind your back. They might act as if they think you're "cool" and want to hang out with you, but in reality they may just think of you as a "dork" and/or a "loser." If this ever happens to you, simply ignore it; don't smile, frown or show any facial expression, and respond as you would to a typical conversation; "Things are going well. How are you today?" or "I have a lot of work. Have a good day". A polite response that is neither rude nor submissive will win in the long game.
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    Work hard at the tasks you are given: assignments, etc. Being a high achiever will give the impression of "professionalism", another box now ticked, it will also benefit you later in and all throughout your life.
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    Retreat to a quiet place, such as the library or somewhere where you are alone, during lunch breaks, recess, etc.
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    Talk less: not just meaning listen more, but also, literally, speaking as little as possible during the day. During class, do not speak to anybody unless spoken to by a teacher, and only a teacher.
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    Pay attention and work hard in class. Choose a desk at the far back of the class, a desk by itself away from your class group, but not so far to the point where you aren't able to pay attention or can't see what the teacher is teaching.
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    Keep with the "cold hard" attitude if someone is giving indications that he/she likes you (romantically). Be cautious of the fact that you could be making these "indications" up in your own mind. However, if he/she really is interested in you, then continue with your technique, and perhaps be a little extra friendly to him/her.


  • Be Mysterious.
  • When you feel like your going to smile just blink a lot or give a small nod. It gives your face motion in place of smiling, in a conversation it can also make people repeat themselves.
  • This article was not intended for teaching you how to have an entirely new personality. It's simply about giving others the impression that you are this type of person, for whatever reason you want them to think of you that way.
  • If someone tries to provoke you into any emotion (as in trying to make you feel angry, sad, embarrassed) maintain your facial expressions and your voice in a monotonous demeanor, and say, "That is quite intriguing of you to say so...". If you cannot maintain your facial expression or voice, say quietly, "excuse me..." and walk away....


  • If you can handle all this, if you are fully prepared to live a lonely school/work life, then by all means, follow these steps. If not, if you really are just trying to be "harder to get", you might end up just making the situation worse. Think about and consider this before trying out the "new you" tomorrow.
  • You might be avoided even further by your peers, so be emotionally prepared.
  • Maybe you want to try out this "new personality" to play hard to get with everybody. Perhaps you believe if you sit there with a blank face and look lonely, a kind good looking girl or a friendly guy will come over and offer their friendship to you. Be prepared to think again, for it is highly likely you will instead be avoided.
  • Be careful with your tone and facial expression whenever speaking to someone. Even the slightest change in tone could make them mistake a polite question or statement for a sarcastic or rude comeback. You may think that it is alright or that they may deserve it, but think of it this way: These are the things they do, and you don't want to be like them, don't you?

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