How to Act Like Nathan Young (from Misfits)

Everyone loves Nathan Young, from Misfits. If you don't for some reason, just skip this.


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    Don't care about life. Act like you ARE immortal, and don't take anything seriously. For example, if someone at school or work makes fun of you, don't take it too badly. Just make a funny comeback, and laugh it off. Remember, you are invincible, and nothing that they say matters n the long run, because when they're dead, you'll still be young and partying, which brings us to step two.
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    Party! Seriously, if you've ever watched Misfits, you'd know that Nathan is a huge party animal, and he's always talking about drinking and smoking, both of which are frequently shown on screen. As well as drinking and smoking, Nathan has a lot of sex. You don't have to drink, smoke, do drugs and have sex, and it's actually a good idea not to, especially if you're still in high school, but keep in mind that this is an article about how to be like Nathan Young, and Nathan Young is wild.
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    Be a petty criminal. Nathan was busted for eating some pick-n-mix, which is penny candy, to most North Americans. The story also involved a lot of other rude things on his part, but in short, that was it. He also frequently steals from vending machines, and doesn't pay for drinks at the pub. Don't ever do anything that you could get into serious trouble for, though. It's not a good idea to even steal little things, but if you're going to do illegal things, make sure that you're not going to ruin your life.
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    Get some tattoos, but not big ones. Nathan has several little tattoos, like the star on his wrist. Nothing too big, like sleeves, but they still work for him, and look good. If you're in high school, and your parents won't let you get one or two, don't sweat it. They're not totally necessary, but they certainly do a lot for you.
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    Be as attractive and hygienic as you can be. Except for a few choice moments, Nathan has always been really hygienic-looking, and nobody ever says he smells bad or anything. And look as good as you can, without looking like you're trying too hard. Go for messy hair, with no product, but make sure it's washed. Wash your face, and brush your teeth. Nathan is good-looking.
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    Try to be a charmer, with the opposite sex. Nathan is really charming, and always gets who he wants, one way or another. Flaunt your natural attributes, and when you meet a nice boy or girl, don't choke. Be confident, and they can't refuse you.


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