How to Act Like Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Lydia Deetz is among the early Burton-Esq heroines featuring in the movie Beetlejuice in 1988. She is dark, brooding, but ultimately has a good heart. Here are some steps you can take to help you take on her kooky persona and Gothic inspired style. Get started at step number one below.


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    Master the look. Big hats, dark veils and plenty of black eyeliner. Lydia is all about the color black. If you want to be as theatrical as Lydia then go for it. The bigger the brim of your hat the better. Express yourself! If you're not looking for a complete overhaul why not use your regular everyday wardrobe to achieve her look. Team a long black skirt with ballet pumps or Doc Martin type boots for a more grungy look. Pair with a black top and cardigan and your sorted.
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    Wear denim. Prefer the practicality of jeans. Simply swap the skirt for a pair of black skinnies or leggings with a short black or denim skirt. Top with a baggy or Boyfriend fit cardigan to complete the laid back look.
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    Spike you hair and give it definition. Back comb, tease and spray your hair into a defined and structural style. Try adding black clip in flowers, sparkly headbands or fascinating accessories for an even more over the top look! Lydia has a short fringe (or bangs) which have been styled into defined points , to do this with your bangs, secure into spikes with gel or mousse and keep it in place with lots of hair spray!
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    Hoist your hair up into a high ponytail and wind it into a bun or keep it down and curly, accessorise with ribbons, clips and really anything you want! Her fringe is very short and styled in an elaborate style, if you still want to frame your face, try a longer full, blunt fringe, or add layers to soften it. If you really want to capture her style and are wanting a drastic change, why not try black hair?
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    Wear the right Makeup. If you are not naturally pale, don't try to make yourself look like a ghost. Simply buy a foundation that is perhaps one or two shades lighter than your normal shade and top with a similar powder to give a beautiful matte finish. Swipe a sheer black eye shadow over your lids and line with a black kohl pencil. Draw around your wet line and top lid to frame your eye.Apply black mascara or for an even more dramatic look try fluttery falsies!
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    Be a little more sarcastic. Lydia is wonderfully sarcastic, but be sure not to insult anyone. Sometimes sarcasm is lost on the person your talking to and can be taken as hurtful, however, your friends might be intrigued by your new found funny side and less shocked by your new look!
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    Pretend your life is bleak. Perhaps one to keep to people who know you are joking. A constant new bleak outlook might worry those close to you, but if you are naturally a very deadpan person, this should be pretty easy. When told that her father will build her a dark room in the basement, Lydia replies "My whole life is a dark room". Perhaps your dark room should have a sunny window, or at least a very bright light.....
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    Interfere with the afterlife and the paranormal. Or just believe in ghosts. This means you are well on your way to being like Lydia! You don't have to hold a séance in your front room though, research into ghost hunts or ghost walking nights in your area and invite your friends to go along! Virtually every town has some kind of haunted house, so investigate and have fun with finding out about your towns history!
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    Remember Lydia is only a character! You should intersperse you new found Lydia characteristics with being your wonderful self. Every now and then its fun to act or dress a little differently. Have fun with your Lydia inspired look, but please try not to get involved with any troublesome spirits like Beetlejuice!


  • Black hair can be severe against some skin tones, so please be careful before you fully commit to the color. If you intend on doing it at home then try a wig first or a non-permanent color. An even better idea would be to ask you hairdresser or stylist to assess you color and perhaps suggest an alternative.
  • The best way to act like Lydia? Watch the film! It is always best to have visual cues to work with, and plus you may be able to pick up little things that are already part of your personality anyway.
  • Have fun with the look and tips and experiment. At the end of the film Lydia changes her style, so be sure to do the same if you feel the need to.
  • Learn to love writing poetry and taking photos such as Lydia does in the movie. Read Edgar allen Poe's work.


  • Lydia's dramatic style may not be to everyone's taste, and you may be subject to some less positive comments. Remember! be confident in your choices and it will shine through into your new look!

Things You'll Need

  • Black eyeliner
  • A copy of the film
  • Hairspray
  • A teasing comb or fine tooth comb
  • Mousse or gel (if you intend to re-create her hair style)
  • Black eyeshadow

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