How to Act Like Caitlin "Kate" Todd

Two Methods:Getting Kate's StyleGetting Kate's Personality

Do you idolize Kate Todd from NCIS? Is she your favorite character? This article will help you look and act more like her.

Method 1
Getting Kate's Style

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    Do your hair like Kate. Kate normally wears her hair down, though occasionally in the field it is in a low ponytail. Her hair isn't to long and she never has any elaborate hairstyles.
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    Wear Kate's makeup. She wears natural makeup, never drawing attention to any particular feature. She wears eyeliner, mascara, blush and, most likely, foundation. Remember just to keep it natural and professional.
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    Adopt Kate's style of dress. For clothes she has a mixed style. She sometimes wears suits, normally dark colours. But more often than not she wears long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirts, normally blues, or greens - occasionally black and brown. These are normally paired with trousers. She can occasionally be seen in quite bright clothing and can be considered quite feminine in the clothes she picks out. In later episodes she can be seen wearing a t-shirt and blazer or jacket over the top. This is normally paired with a skirt.

Method 2
Getting Kate's Personality

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    Be strong and independent. First of Kate is very capable of holding her own. She is a good fighter and can sometimes be seen intimidating Tony. She is also capable with a gun.
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    Be mature. Kate can have fun and enjoy herself, but she is very mature. She does not be immature. Try to have fun and enjoy yourself, but do not get immature. This can be quite hard as sometimes the lines blur!
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    Be confident without being arrogant. Kate exudes confidence, but she certainly is not arrogant!
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    Have a strong sense of humour and do not get annoyed or ticked off easily.You can try to improve on that area if you feel the need to.
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    Be able to read people well. Kate is a profiler and is good at psychology. She can tell when people are lying and can anticipate what people's next moves are going to be. She can get into people's minds without meeting them, she can do this just by their actions. Try learning psychology.


  • Watch the show and study how she acts. This could help!


  • Remember to still remain yourself, don't change. Whilst she is a good role model there is only one of you. Keep it that way!!

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