How to Act Like an Elf

Three Parts:Looking like an elfMoving like an elfBehaving like an elf

Have you ever read Tolkien? Salvatore? Or played Warcraft? If so, you're most likely familiar with Elves and interested in them. Therefore this article, with regards to the food, walk, personality and clothes is only mentioned as seen in books and movies.

Part 1
Looking like an elf

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    Choose the type of elf you want to be. A woodland elf, dark elf, normal elf, high elf, a traditional elf of the type associated with sexual threats, seducing people and causing them harm. There are lots to choose from as elves have been featured in mythology since pagan times.
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    Develop a physical appearance that is elf-like. Not all elves are tall. Only those in the Lord of the Rings are taller than humans. Most elves in legend and mythology range in height from about 5 feet (1.5 m) tall to the tallest being only 6 feet (1.8 m). Elves possess a slender, lean build with muscles, but not beefcake like.
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    Wear your hair long. Hair should be worn long. However, if it's short, that's fine. Try to wear it down most of the time, (except for when you're in battle!) or in gypsy-ish styles. You could also try braids, curls, or you could straighten it. Hair must always be clean and have a shiny glow to it.
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    Observe good personal hygiene. Nails should be strikingly clean as well, and you can always top them off with a natural color polish or just a clear coat to give them some natural looking shine.
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    Wear comfortable clothes. If it feels right to you, it's probably right. Elves are self-confident so you should feel confident in what you wear. Any colors will do, but try to keep away from weird tie-dyes or neons. You're going for an elven look... not hippie. The Bohemian style works like a charm! Long tiered skirts, or short neutral colored ones, suede ankle or knee high boots, embroidered moccasins or boyfriend shoes (it's a style, not your boyfriend's actual shoes, so look them up), leather belts with old fashioned clasps, embroidered pouches and gypsy satchels, gladiator sandals, and foot thongs or flip flops are also an option, as well as going totally barefoot. You should go barefoot around home but wear the recommended shoes at school.
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    Choose clothing and accessories according to the type of elf you are.
    • Woodland elves. Wear tan and green. Maybe add a cute flower in your hair for a small touch. Wear semi long skirts or even a dress if you can in the same colors. Put your hair to one side, then pull a lock of hair from the other side and let it stay in front. If you can, try adding some glitter to your hair––it's very pretty and produces a magical effect. Paint your nails green and wear tan makeup too, it looks nice and goes perfectly with your outfit. For boys, do the same thing without makeup.
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    • Dark elves. Wear dark colors like red, purple, and obviously black. When you think of dark elf you think of Skyrim right? Have a nice, wool scarf for winter, black boots, a tan jacket and purple long sleeve shirt. Wear simple makeup, just some eyeliner, maybe a little bit of face paint to give your skin a darker tone to it and your nails painted purple. For your hair, if you want to, you can put it into a ponytail, or wear it down.
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    • Normal elves. Don't wear too bright colors like hot pink, bright yellow, things like that. Try wearing some coral colors, maybe a light orange. Coral for your nails might look good, depends. For hair it's simple! Kind of go for a Tauriel look. Wear your hair down and put it all behind your back, take a few locks of hair and pull it to the front of one side, add a small braid to the hair in the back and put a hair clip in. For boys do the same things without the makeup
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    • High elves. Wear tan jeans/shorts and a white shirt, with a tan jacket again. Take some face paint and rub it into your face, it's very pale and gives off a glowing effect. Use some very light pink lipstick and eyeshadow, paint your nails the same pink. Make a braid crown by separating your hair into two parts and bringing the, to the front, then braid one on both sides, take the braids to the back and hair tie them together. Top off the look with a light pink feather. For boys, just do the same things without doing hair or makeup.
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    Have some sort of strange accessory. Wear feathers in your hair, wear a ring with a tree on it. Wear something that will make people wonder.

Part 2
Moving like an elf

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    Walk like an elf. Every move an elf executes has a purpose. Your movements should be lithe, graceful and very quiet. It's recommended you learn how to walk silently before attempting to be Elf-like.

Part 3
Behaving like an elf

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    Pick a secret name as your authentic name. Your real name is your human world cover name. For example, choose such names as Ellette and Elden for woodland, Moriel and Morian for Dark elf, Faelein.
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    Practice being quiet, mature, wise, convincing, slightly eccentric and eclectic. Contemplate philosophy quite a bit. Elves never say something unless they truly mean it, it makes sense, and they believe it with all their heart. They adore nature and everything it encompasses. They are also very in tune with the natural essence of things. They generally remain neutral in disputes, but will not hesitate to stand up and fight for what they believe in!
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    Be shy and mysterious at school. Don't give much information because you want to hide your identity.
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    Pretend to be curious about the human world. If there's a robotic toy, act interested––if you're an elf, you might not see these things much.
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    Keep a diary. Write down your life as an elf! Pretend to have tribe meetings and write it down too. Write traits of the 'humans' and phrases too.
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    Write down things "humans" do. When somebody tries to look at what you've written pull away then write something like, "Humans are very nosy." But nothing about a certain person, nobody wants trouble or drama!
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    Have a good sense of humor. If someone says, "Look at the rain! It's pouring!" Then look at the rain too, and say, "But the old man was never snoring. What kind of riddle is that anyway?" If people laugh, smile. But don't laugh along.
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    Make a tribe. Get some of our closest friends and show them this wikiHow article, and you can be a tribe.
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    Use elf colors for your room. Paint your room those colors, get things those colors! Maybe add some wall art like vines or trees, add a bow on your wall, or sword (remember to make it fake!), or even display a crown somewhere your room is up to you but make it so that you have a little bit of elven things.


  • Wear elemental clothing, or clothes with the same color feel.
  • Elves (plural) are creatures that survive in secret in northern Europe. They are usually pictured as small, youthful looking men or woman, and depicted as living in forests.
  • Have fun on Halloween dressing up like an elf.
  • Always be helpful to others, and try to act whimsical and intelligent.


  • People may look at you funny if you wear the traditional clothing of the elven race.
  • Some people might not understand that you like this style and may say mean things to/about you

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