How to Act Like a Punk Girl

Whether you want to be a punk girl for Halloween or you are seriously considering being punk, this article will show you how to act and take on the punk look.


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    Know what punk is not. Being punk does not mean wearing a certain outfit or acting a certain way. It means to be yourself without caring what the others think! Punks are often judged by others but act their selves anyway and don't take in others opinions - but don't let that bother you. This focus on being yourself and not defining or attempting to be punk may indicate to you that the rest of this article, which tells you how to be punk, is superfluous and possibly counterproductive- and you would be right!
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    Stand up for your cause! Punk is about standing up for what you believe. This is not, for example, going up to a bank and stealing all of the money inside; rather, it is standing up for your values. Though, of course, hardcore nihilistic illegality may be one of your values, in which case, go for it.
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    Be an individual. Stand out. What you wear can express you but you don't have to dress punk to be punk. Stand up for what you believe in, even if the whole world is against you. Be bold, but don't lose touch of yourself.
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    Dress punk fashion. If you want to look like a classical punk, vests with pins and badges are a common choice. Leopard print and plaid are also classical punk memorabilia. Purses and messenger bags are great for putting pins and badges on. Don't be afraid to wear what no one else is wearing, and conversely don't be afraid to wear what all your punk friends are wearing. Some people say that it is a way of conforming to dress in typical punk garb but if that is what you like to wear, go for it! It doesn't matter what they think.You can just as well be a punk in a princess costume just as if you pulled something from the Sex Pistols' wardrobe. Just wear what is comfortable to you. In fact, as the concept of a 'dress code' is antithetical to the very basis of punk, you can safely ignore this fashion; this 'punk fashion' is largely to broadcast your own status as a punk, which is arguably itself missing the point of punk. Refer to the point above and define your own look or anti-fashion as you will.
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    Make your hair punk. You don't have to, but if you want to you can get Mohawks or liberty spikes, though they are very high-maintenance. Hair color and bleach is fun too but can damage hair . Ignore anyone who tells you that dye or a short haircut will take forever to grow out. However If you're not allowed to spike your hair or shave it or anything then just try getting a few splashes of bright colours in it for e.g. pink, green or blue etc, if your decide not to colour your hair then make up for it in your makeup.
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    Have the right attitude. A punk girl is strong and sensitive. Respect yourself and others. Punk doesn't mean being rude -- but if someone is messing with you, don't be afraid to put them in their place.
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    Ignore any negative outlook towards your clothes, hair or being punk; it is none of their business how you live your life, what music you listen to, or how you look.


  • Don't ditch old friends in favor of your new punk friends. Just because someone isn't punk doesn't mean they are not a worthwhile friend.
  • You don't make yourself punk or prove to anyone whether you're "punk" or not. You are what you are and if that isn't punk then you can't change that. In fact, attempts to be punk are inherently counterproductive, as the mere act of caring whether or not you are a punk is contrary to the zeitgeist of punk- but then, rebelling against that rebellion through honest self-consciousness is arguably a strange meta-punk stance.
  • Recognize that following guidelines for "how to be punk" is what makes you not punk. They tell you to be yourself without caring what people think, yet advise not to dress one way or do something because you will be labeled as something you are not. This is contradictory, since you aren't supposed to care what people think. Really, you should stop reading this article altogether, and stop caring about being punk. You aren't punk. You punk.
  • People might label you as a poser or wannabe if you are new to the scene. Don't worry about it, be friendly, and anyone who's worth anything will respect you.
  • Don't hate the preps, goths, emos, schemos, chavs, or any other subculture in this world- though, hating these subcultures is a central activity in some punk circles.
  • If your parents won't let you dye your hair, you can get extensions, cut it, or put up liberty spikes all around your head. But do be aware that parents that will not let you dye your hair may not be okay with you doing liberty spikes. You might want to check first on that one, even if they are going to be really small. Of course, as a punk, you probably don't particularly care for parental permission in your personal appearance.
  • Previous bullets mentioned that punk heads might call you out on being a poser or looking like an emo kid. They're probably right. But you're punk so you don't care what they think and you do what you want.
  • Sometimes people will label you as emo or scene. There is nothing wrong with these subcultures but it's a little annoying when people try to classify others. Don't get insulted.


  • If you are tired of punks being considered emos, then remember that punk is not about what other people think, so if you want to listen to emo music or dress emo, do it! Anyone who is trying to classify you into a subculture has too much time on their hands.
  • Don't try to convince other punks that you are a punk. Just wait for them to accept it. Otherwise, you will look like a poser. Many people have different definitions of punk.
  • Don't act like a hypocrite; be true to yourself and others. Stick to what you like and don't; don't simply follow the crowd. If you admire someone and want to be more like them, that is one thing; but if you are being a certain way to get the people you admire to like you, you have to rethink your priorities.
  • Don't feel like you HAVE to dye your hair, dye it if you feel like it. You won't be the first nor the last punk with normal natural hair. Of course, you may want to, which is fine, but don't dye your hair or shave your head if you're only doing it to be punk.
  • don't go around telling people your punk because it will make you seem like a poser

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