How to Act Like a Mermaid at School

Five Parts:Doing Your ResearchLooking the PartAct Like a MermaidFeeling Like a MermaidKeeping It in Perspective

Do you dream of deep water and splashing fins? Do you have the kind of voice that lures sailors to their doom? Are you happiest when you're swimming? If you want to let your inner mermaid out at school, do some research, get the look and act the part.

Part 1
Doing Your Research

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    Decide what kind of mermaid you are. There are all kinds of mermaids in folklore and fairy tales and their nature can range from tragically romantic to murderous. Are you the kind of mermaid that falls in love with sailors or the kind that tries to drown them? Are fish your best friends or a floating feast? Getting your story straight ahead of time will make it much simpler for you to practice your role and helps in getting people to take you seriously.
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    Read up about mermaids. Start with the ancient myths about mermaids. Mermaid myths pop up all over the world, from Russia to Greece. Then move on to the realms of mermaid fiction.
    • Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" is widely considered to be the definitive mermaid tale.
    • Besides Andersen, take a look at Oscar Wilde's "The Fisherman and his Soul," H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," Donna Jo Napoli's Sirena and Alice Hoffman's Aquamarine.
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    Watch movies and TV shows about mermaids. Begin with Disney's version of The Little Mermaid. It's the most famous version of the Andersen story, and you'll have to be familiar with it if you want to be accepted as a mermaid.
    • Splash is a live-action film that shows the trials of turning into a mermaid every time you get wet, making it a good how-to-guide.
    • Aquamarine is another good choice.
    • Consider checking out Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and She Creature.
    • Mermaids are less common on television but the Australian series H2O: Just Add Water provides a look at three young mermaids in high school trying to keep their magical powers secret.

Part 2
Looking the Part

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    Grow your hair long. Mermaids are famous for their long, beautiful tresses. Consider adding hair extensions as well. Extensions come in all colors and adding a dramatic streak of blue or purple to your hair will give you the proper otherworldly look. However, make sure you aren't going against the school dress code when dying your hair.
    • Take good care of your hair by washing it at least three to four times a week. Brush it every morning and night, for mermaids love brushing their hair. Plus, it's good for your scalp and causes your hair to become healthier.
    • If your hair isn't already silky, try using a different shampoo type to get those desired results. Also, conditioner can help soften and strengthen your hair if you use the right amount.
      • Try purchasing tropical scented shampoos and conditioners that will instantly remind people of the sea.
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    Accessorize. Start with some hair clips in the shape of sea creatures. Starfish, dolphins, fish and seahorses are all very popular. Look for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches with the same shapes.
    • If you can't find anything appropriate in local stores, a simple shell necklace is easy to find and will give the same effect. Make sure to always wear it over your clothing and not hide it underneath your shirt so people can easily see it.
      • Try to purchase a shell necklace that looks or is authentic. If this is impossible, go to the beach and find a small shell that you can hook a chain around it. Sometimes, there are small holes in the shells - usually found in the smaller shells - that is big enough to let a chain through, but small enough so that it doesn't crack the shell.
      • Don't wear the shell necklace when you go to sleep, or you might accidentally crack it in your sleep! Take it off before bedtime and showering so that you will preserve it well.
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    Wear ocean colors. Bright blues and greens are associated with the ocean, as well as anything turquoise or aqua. You don't have to stick to just those colors though; a flash of purple or orange will give your outfit a tropical look. Look at pictures of ocean life and try to copy some of those vivid colors and patterns.
    • Avoid wearing mermaid costumes to school because people will either think you're trying too hard or they won't take you seriously. However, do wear a mermaid costume if you go trick-or-treating on Halloween night, but don't overdo the look!
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    Paint your nails in ocean colors. Blues, greens, and purples will match your clothes and draw people's attention when you comb your fingers through your long hair.
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    Coordinate your makeup. A subtle blue tint on your lips or in the outer corner of your eye will accentuate your outfit.
    • Try to avoid sparkly shades and glitter that could draw too much attention and make you look like you're trying too hard. Mermaids sometimes are shy and don't like to draw attention to themselves.

Part 3
Act Like a Mermaid

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    Act alert when people talk about the ocean. When the subject of underwater life and the ocean comes up in class, act interested but informed, as if you are already an expert. Talk a little about fish, currents, and tidal waves. If your classroom has an aquarium, take it as an opportunity to be either mesmerized or insulted.
    • Be ready to point it out when others are mistaken but don't make a nuisance of yourself.
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    Change the subject when people talk about mermaids. A true mermaid would not be likely to enjoy having the secrets of her people discussed in public. Your silence on the subject will make people all the more intrigued. Although you might want to drop a subtle hint, along the lines of "The Little Mermaid got it all wrong."
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    Act panicked when you get water on you. You don't have to run through the hallways screaming, but it doesn't hurt to act a little nervous and quickly dry yourself off. If you're not walking around with a mermaid tail 24/7 then you are most likely a mermaid that transforms at the touch of water. It makes sense for you to avoid transforming at school and acting the part will make it more real. If you have to come into contact with water, wear a special charm on your necklace or in your hair that you never remove, and drop hints about how it prevents you from transforming without saying it outright. It may help if your charm is sterling silver. This will be explained later.
    • If no one notices your nervousness at the touch of water, don't worry. Gradually, they probably will start to notice it. However, if you add more drama to it, people will think you're a drama queen and/or trying to get attention.
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    Practice your singing. Mermaids are known for their beautiful voices. If your voice is naturally good, show it off when you're listening to the car radio or hanging out in the choir room. If not, get some lessons in private and in the meantime, let others know that you're afraid to sing in public and let them draw their own conclusions as to why.
    • Avoid singing too much or people will think you're only trying to show others how good you are. Then, they'll start to ignore, avoid, and/or dislike you.
    • If worse comes to worse and you still can't develop your singing talent, don't worry. You don't have to sing to be a mermaid - just avoid singing and don't tell anyone about your voice.
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    Get involved in marine life protection. A true mermaid would be concerned at the destruction of her habitat. Join an environmental protection club or a pollution awareness campaign. Research the dangers of overfishing and oil spills. If you live near a beach, take part in clean-up projects.
    • Don't go overboard with this and lecture everyone about keeping marine life and the sea safe. Otherwise, people will find you annoying and think that you're only trying to get attention.

Part 4
Feeling Like a Mermaid

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    Keep a diary on your mermaid life. Write down your experiences living underwater, transforming, and the trials of keeping your secret. You can choose to keep this book for yourself or take it to school and let others guess at the contents.
    • If you do choose to take your diary to school, be very protective about it and always have it with you in your sight. This will enhance the mystery and make people wonder what is in your diary.
      • If the students are desperate enough, they might try to steal it and peek inside, so you must keep it with you at all costs - unless your plan is to let them see it. However, this isn't recommended, as the other students might tease you about this and this could ruin your mermaid life.
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    Practice visualization exercises. Before you go to sleep, try imagining yourself as a mermaid in the ocean. Listen for the sound of the waves. Picture yourself surrounded by schools of fish or running your hands over a cluster of coral. Feel your body swaying in the pull of the tides. These exercises will spill over into your dreams. Don't be surprised if you wake up feeling like you've just been for a long swim!
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    Go to the sea. Visit the sea whenever you can and swim in it. Act like you are at home and if you do feel at home, this should be easy for you! Linger in the water for as long as you can and run your hands through it to show how much you love it. When you have to leave, reluctantly pull away, but don't delay for too long or you could become annoying.
    • If you live near the beach and you are allowed to visit it whenever you please, go visit it whenever you can! The more often you hang out at it, the more likely people will think that you truly are a mermaid.
    • If you don't live anywhere near the beach, visit the pool and swim in it as much as you can. Avoid swimming in the pool when people - stranger or friends - are around and immediately leave. If you have no option but to swim with others, wear your charm in the pool with you. Only do this if it is sterling silver, as it will not discolour or rust.
      • When you're alone in the pool, practice swimming like a mermaid. Then, show off your moves at the beach whenever you can visit it!

Part 5
Keeping It in Perspective

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    Don't go overboard. If you drop too many hints or act too self-important, people will start to get irritated. The point of this is to become a mermaid, not to alienate your friends. Try sticking to a few subtle hints and some basic costuming every day, instead of going for the full effect all the time.
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    Have fun with your double life. If you start to feel bored or uncomfortable in your role, then maybe it's time to take a break. Remember that being a mermaid is about having fun. You're living in two worlds now, but don't let it become a chore. This is for your enjoyment only.


  • If anybody asks if you are a mermaid, look as if your trying to come up with an answer, then look flustered and a bit nervous as you say, "What makes you say that?"
  • Practice your swimming. Nobody will believe a mermaid that's not an expert swimmer.
  • Appreciate your natural beauty. Mermaids are always confident, but never cocky or arrogant. Be self-assured, but not "better" than everyone else.
  • When people talk about mermaids, act secretive and smile to yourself. If they insult mermaids, frown and turn away quietly, acting wounded.
  • If you want to explore the mermaid life even further, consider checking out Weeki Wachee Springs, the famous mermaid park in Tampa, Florida. They have special camps for young children that want to get fitted for mermaid tails and practice swimming, mermaid-style! You can also go to watch a show with their specially trained mermaid performers.
  • If you want to act a bit suspicious, then "accidentally" leave your mermaid diary out in front of someone who you might want to read it.
  • Try adding salt water to your hair after you shampoo. It makes your hair look like you were just at the pool or beach. You can also buy a salty spray that is sold at many stores worldwide. If someone asks you why your hair is wet, just smile and change the subject.
  • If you do have money to burn, you can order a mermaid tail for your own use. You won't be able to wear it at school but it will certainly help you get into character.
  • Consider a "mermaid budget" so that your outfits and accessories don't run through your bank account.
  • If anybody asks if you are a mermaid, just laugh and deny it. Like, "Nah" or "Ha ha, mermaids aren't real, silly" and toss your hair. Do not deny it too much or people might think you are not a mermaid.
  • Feeling a little sick? If anyone asks, say you feel "seasick". If someone laughs, look confused and rush away.
  • You may want to use your school's computer and research mermaids and "forget" to exit out.
  • Consider putting your energies into marine conservation. That's the most useful way to improve your sea knowledge and actually be considerate of real world needs rather than living out a fantasy all of the time.


  • Always practice safe swimming procedures.
  • Make sure your mermaid outfits don't conflict with the school dress code.

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