How to Act Like a Maid Cafe Maid

Hello! Ever wonder what it's like to work at a maid cafe? Well, you can be one step closer now. But maid Cafe Maids are pure, so if you're looking on how to act like a sexy maid, this is the wrong place .


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    Learn the terminology. The word you'll undoubtedly use a lot is "Goshujin-sama" meaning "master". It's pronounced like "Go-shoe-jin-sa-ma". Maids use this term to make the customer feel more comfortable and as a term of respect.
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    Be Pure! This is not a racy kind of business, but "Entertainment Kei" or Entertainment style. The customers appreciate the sweetness of the maid, and the fact that they can ogle .
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    Smile and act cute all the time. This does not mean be pouty cute and obnoxious, but do things in a cute manner, and practice your smile until it's 110% super cute! You can also (sparingly) do Moe(fetish type) things, like accidentally tripping, or wear cute glasses or something to make the customer happy.
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    Take your time doing things. When maids do things like cooling and stirring services, they take extra care to do it right, as should you. Stirring service, for example, the maid will take extra time to pour the cream or milk so it doesn't splash, and stir it so the spoon doesn't clink against the sides. And if you do cooling service (blowing on soup for them) be careful not to spit!
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    Be super nice! The customers won't want to come back if a maid is mean. A lot of Otaku who go to these cafes consider it an oasis where they can be waited on and treated kindly. The personality of a maid is so relaxing, so it's OK to act like them a lot, but within reason. For those exceptions, let's go to tips!


  • Get a manicure and pedicure (and if you want, a facial) once in a while to keep your hands and feet looking delicate and pretty! Besides, a lot of the food you make (making service) is by hand, and in front of customers, and they don't want icky chipped nails and unclean hands touching their food. Who does?
  • Don't use the term "Goshujin-sama" or master at that, outside of the cafe. You will undoubtedly get some odd looks, and people might get the wrong idea of maids. But you can still keep the super cute, super nice qualities. Everyone loves a nice person.
  • Good skin is essential for maids. If you are going to be ogled at all day, you need to look pretty. If you have oily skin, get an oil-cut face wash and wear loose or pressed powder to give yourself a nice matte finish. Photo perfect!
  • Maids usually wear very light eye makeup if any. Do a very very thin line of eyeliner on the top of your eyelid to make your lash base look thicker and cuter, then do a couple sweeps of a black mascara, just enough to darken and elongate the lashes without making it look like you have much on. A skin colored (tan or something) eyeshadow is OK, it'll make your eyes look super soft and friendly.
  • Don't wear the uniform outside of the Cafe. Again, people might get the wrong idea (even though the maids' uniform is not short or low cut, maids in America have gotten a somewhat bad reputation from all the "French Maid" hype.) But feel free to wear cute stuff, just make sure it's not revealing. Remember! This is a pure business, you're not bar girls. Try cute things to be added to even normal clothes, like sometimes put lacy ribbons in your hair, or a cute lacy choker, and this way you have something that stands out for being cute!
  • Get a cute haircut. Although the shortest I'd get it is an inch above the shoulder at the most. Customers like it when you can put your hair in pigtails, or some other cute style, but your hair is your hair. Make it you. ...Although you should have some type of bangs. They look better with the maid hair ornament than no bangs. Cute!
  • You don't have to be a stick figure to be a maid, but a nice figure is essential as well. All you have to do is eat 3 BALANCED meals a day, in other words whole grain toast in the morning, a salad for lunch, fresh berries for a snack, and grilled chicken or salmon with steamed broccoli for dinner. Accompany all these with lemon water, and you are good to go! You look and feel better, even after the first couple of days. Pair it up with a lot of cardio workouts (20 min a day) to boost the effect. Vegetarian? Sub out the meats for Boca Burgers or tofu.
  • You'll be smiling all day, so show off those pearly whites. Brush 2 or 3 times a day with a whitening toothpaste. If you are sensitive to whitening, ask your dentist what you can do for whiter teeth. *Gleam!*


  • If you are buying your own maid outfit, make sure it's not a sexy one! It's best to buy from a Japanese site, since at least they offer wholesome maid attire.
  • Remember to have fun! This is a fun thing, and you should try your best at it! For a day in the life, watch "Maid in Akihabara" on YouTube. It's a subbed, cute mini series focusing on an ex-bar girl now working in a Maid Cafe. Great story line for a one shot.
  • Remember not to be annoying hyper cute, but super cute. (Hypercute is the annoying pouty whining one, as opposed to super cute, which is just really friendly and sweet)
  • Don't say master anywhere but the cafe.

Things You'll Need

  • Cute Smile
  • Nice Skin
  • Sweet personality
  • Maid Outfit (wholesome! The shortest it should be is a few inches above the knee) Pair it with a set of matching knee high socks, maid hair ornament, and Mary Janes for a completely adorable look! A big bow at the back is good, too (where the apron ties)
  • A good attitude! You can do it!

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