How to Act Like a Horse Crazy Girl

Horses are awesome animals. They are kind, wild and majestic animals. You can show that you are definitely a horse crazy girl by following these steps.


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    Start off with your room. Add some horse posters and maybe some horse models. Use horse wallpaper and soon your room will be looking good. You could maybe buy a horse duvet covers or maybe add some horse toys but don't go over the top with all the horse themed objects. If you are young then you may be able to add in a rocking horse. Then, invite your friends around.
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    Try to get your mum or dad to book you a riding lesson at the closest stable around. Horses at stables are well trained and you might find the perfect pony to ride every time. Also try different horses to see which one you like better. You could invite your friends round and take them out riding with you, or even just take pictures. That's got all the proof you need to show you ride.
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    You can buy clothes with horse patterns or photos. Horse feathers is a great shop. Style it up with headbands and necklaces from amazon. People will believe you are horse crazy if you wear horse clothes. If your school doesn't allow it and you are trying to show your school friends then wear a horse coat and a horse pencil case would be nice.
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    Why not buy some DVDs! Watch movies like The Black Stallion, Warhorse and the Flicka trilogy. Your friends might have some DVDs they could lend you that you might like. You can get lots of good movies from shops, and you can get them lent out from places like Blockbusters. You don't always just have to watch long movies. On TV, you can watch horse series like The Saddle Club which is all about three best friends who have adventures with horses.
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    Don't limit yourself to just movies! Books are a brilliant boredom-buster and you might like to read about horses and ponies. If your teacher says anything about horses and ponies then perk up and listen. Remember, you don't always have to read horse books, but read a few if you're truly horse-crazy. Then go and amaze your friends with some awesome horse facts!
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    Work around horses so you know what they are like. In some stables they teach you how to care for foals and take care of these beautiful animals. Sometimes if you are a little older you could ask your parents for a little extra time at the yard, and put some notices up on the bulletin board. You could offer to groom another persons horse or muck out their stale. Just make sure you ask the owner about anything you need to know about the animal - whether they have an injury, don't like being groomed in certain place or could be potentially dangerous to you. It's a good idea to wear riding boots if you don't want trampled toes, and you could where a helmet if you want to be even safer.
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    Watch a lot of horse racing on T.V. It's a great way to learn about racehorses. Then you could tell your horse loving friends, "I've seen the Grand National!" Maybe your parents could take you to a real horse race or show, then you wouldn't always have to watch it on T.V., although be prepared if they say no, because they can often cost quite a lot.
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    There is an awesome website called Horse Crazy Girls. You can see horse drawings, read horse stories and find out more information about horses. ( You can go on many websites to find out information about horse breeds and how to look after them. You can also play horse games and watch videos on the computer.
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    Watching videos and playing games is a great way to learn how horses act as well having lots of fun. So give it a try to play different games and choose your favourite.
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    If you know how to look after one and you have the money you might like to get a horse or pony. They cost a lot so you might want to just borrow or lease one first so you can get to know what they're like first-hand. You can read related wikiHow articles to learn about various aspects of horse owning.


  • Always make sure you know how to care for a horse before you buy one.
  • Think of how much the horse will cost, including the boarding, tack, vet bills and other needs.
  • Some people are allergic to horses so don't start going horse crazy then realise you are not allowed near them.


  • Make sure you are sure you're going to be horse crazy for quite a while before spending a fortune on clothes, furniture and riding lessons.

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