How to Act in High School

You can be amazing in high school if you follow these tips.


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    Try to get 8-10 hours of sleep before school.
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    Always eat a good breakfast. Nothing like Pop-tarts or sugary cereals. Try to eat oatmeal or some fruit.
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    Always look your best. People say looks don't matter, but they do to some extent. Make sure your clothes are clean, and if you're feeling ambitious maybe you can even match your clothes. If you have to wear a uniform, try to make it unique to yourself. Accessorize with jewelry and different types of shoes.
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    Good hygiene is key. Nobody wants to be around somebody who smells like they haven't showered in three days. Shower once a day, and maybe twice a day if you play a sport. Wash up every morning, you don't want to look like you fell straight into school from your bed. Brush your teeth too for two minutes. This should apply to weekdays and weekends. Don't forget deodorant! Make sure your hair is clean and your nails aren't all covered in some mystery dirt.
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    People say that you shouldn't wear too much make-up. Listen. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara is heavy make-up in high school. Special events are different, but for everyday use, mascara and foundation will do just fine. Even a little eyeliner if that's your style.
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    Smiling is good. Don't be afraid to smile. However, if you're walking through the hall, smiling at nothing, people will think you're crazy. Smiling at people is okay, but wear a neutral expression when you're walking through the halls. For everyone's peace of mind.
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    Don't go into high school expecting that you'll get a boyfriend. It doesn't work that way.
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    Always do your best. Don't slack off all the time and then get pissed when you have C's and D's. If you get an F you need to focus way more on schoolwork than whatever else it is you're spending your time on.
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    Try to find a group of like-minded people. Don't hang out with people that you want to be like, unless those people are straight-A honor students who have lots of fun non-drug using friends and a great relationship with their family. Stay away from druggies, and don't worry about not recognizing them, because it's normally quite obvious.
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    Get involved! Find some after school activities that you like, and go for it. Whether it be sports, drama, or German, find a club!
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    Go to the plays and dances! You could have a lot of fun, and maybe even meet new people. And most schools have a very small group of kids who are involved in plays, and they're usually delighted when new people get involved. As long as you're respectful of course.


  • As long as you are friendly and work hard, you'll do fine!


  • Remember to take your schoolwork seriously, because it will affect the rest of your life.
  • Don't mouth off to upperclassmen.

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