How to Act in a New School

Three Methods:Building self confidenceMaking new friendsStudying

New school means new start, new friends, teachers, new you! Here are some tips from what some people would suggest. Enjoy and good luck!

Method 1
Building self confidence

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    Find your own style and inner beauty. Just look at the mirror, say 'I'm beautiful', 'I look nice today' or any other positive sentiments. Don't say bad things or think negatively about yourself. Believe you're that you're nice and a good person inside and out. If you believe that, then you will start making people at your school believe that too!
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    Believe in yourself! You shall pass!" You have to be serious about each school year, if you're serious enough than you will believe you can do it, you can study, pass, get the best marks, etc. It just requires faith and hard work.
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    Let go of the bad memories! Let of go the old bad feelings. Forget about all the bad things you've been called in your old school. Forgive your old friends' misbehavior, such as making fun of you. Forget your embarrassing memories, since no one in your new school will know about it -- a new school is a new start.
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    Relax. Take time for yourself. In the last couple of days before school starts just relax, play in your room perhaps and think about the good and cool things that may happen during this year. Stay positive! That's what confident people do!
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    Try a new look. New you! Have a new look, get a trendy haircut, face cleaning maybe, eyebrows done... do anything that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Method 2
Making new friends

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    Social media
    • Before school if you know someone from your new school, such as a relative or old friend, ask for their usernames on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and possibly mobile numbers. You can choose between this these people; the good ones and get to know each other before school starts. This can actually help a lot!
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    Introduce yourself. In class, or out, it doesn't matter when or where. Just let people know that you're the new student, everyone will be interested in getting to know you. Think ahead to what you want people to know since a new start is a way to reshape your "personal brand" and make sure you mention these things.
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    Do good things.
    • Say hello to your friends, be kind with them. They'll notice that you're a nice person so they may act the same way towards you.
    • Help your friends, favor will be returned. Make sure this favor won't affect negatively to the others.
    • Smile!
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    Be good looking.
    • Stay in shape, try to exercise daily, eat well and sleep well and try to make yourself healthier!
    • Stay clean by washing your face, hands and shower as often as you can.
    • Make sure you smell good! People will be attracted to you.
    • If you are a girl who likes makeup, try not to overdo the makeup but instead, try a simple style to begin with. If you find that other students have a look you want to try, go for it, but you may want to gauge what's allowed and what other students do before you do something extreme like turquoise eyeshadow.
    • Wear some simple accessories. Some examples are watches, bracelets and much more! Just try not to were too many things.

Method 3

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    • If you put goals like passing your worst subject or promise you're going to have good grades on foreign languages then you'll able to do it.
    • With faith and few hours of studying, success is on your way.
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    Remember that you don't have to:
    • Play all the time, joke, make fun of everything.
    • Stay 24/7 on social media and text everyone you met or not in your life
    • Argue with all teachers all the time


  • Remember that a new school is a great time to reinvent yourself. If you don't know anyone, they don't know you.
  • Wake up early so you can have enough time to prepare yourself without forgetting anything.
  • Keep in touch with your old good friends! You will share soon share good memories... don't just ignore them!


  • Avoid problems! Don't say bad things about your friends behind their back... they'll know eventually!
  • Don't take aggressively, don't punch people in the face etc.

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