How to Act Around a Guy You Like

Two Parts:Getting His AttentionKeeping His Attention

You may find it impossible to be yourself or to keep your cool around the guy you like. As soon as you see him, you start sweating, your knees feel like silly putty, and you start babbling on like a five-year-old — or worse, you find yourself talking about Pooh-Bear, your favorite stuffed animal because you can't stand the awkward silence. Don't worry — feeling out of your element around your crush is perfectly natural. Once you calm down, regroup, and remind yourself that the guy is just as nervous as you are, you'll be able to act natural and impress the guy in no time.

Part 1
Getting His Attention

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    Make eye contact. Keep it to casual glances, or he might get freaked out. When he catches your eye, smile sweetly and turn back to what you were doing. If you sit and stare at him all day, he'll think you're a little obsessive. When you do talk to him, though, be confident enough to look him right in the eye instead of staring at the ground, and he'll be impressed by how you handle yourself.
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    Ask him for change. Change for a dollar. Or ask what time it is, like if you might be late to a class or whatnot. Ask if he knows any of the people running for student office. Something simple, no big deal.
    • If you're talking to him, it's okay to avert your gaze every once in a while. Staring into his eyes during the entire conversation may be a little intense.
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    Make his friends notice you. This does not mean you should ruthlessly flirt with his friends until they can't help but notice you. It does mean that you should act cool and fun around his friends, and try to get to know them a bit. Flirting a little bit with other guys is okay and will keep your crush on his toes, but if you go overboard, the guys may get the wrong impression of you. Instead, be kind and interested, ask his friends about their favorite sports teams or weekend plans, and just try to act cool without making it obvious that you really like their friend.
    • If his friends notice you and like you, then they may talk about you in front of the guy, which will make him notice you more.
    • If you become friends with his friends, they may even invite you out to parties, which will make it more likely for you to hang out with the guy.
    • Resist the urge to send friends to ask if he likes you. He will think that you're trying to force a relationship. This will get right back to him and he will not think it's cool. Even asking the friends about how he's doing or what he's up to will basically reveal that you have a crush on the guy.
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    Let him see you having a great time. If the guy is in your orbit but not talking to you, don't spend your time looking sad or bored and waiting for him to come up to you. Instead, enjoy the people you're hanging out with, laugh, tell funny stories, be engaged instead of looking around you, and just be a person who other people want to hang out with. Make him want to come up to you and make conversation because other people enjoy your presence.
    • If you look like you're in high demand and surrounded by people, he won't be scared off; instead, he'll just want to get to know you even more.
    • Guys love girls who are fun to be around. Let him see you cracking up instead of listlessly searching for something fun to do on your phone.
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    Don't act like someone you're not. If you are talking to the guy, as corny as it sounds, the best thing you can do is be yourself. After all, you want him to like you, don't you, instead of some vision of what you think the perfect person should be? You don't have to let him know everything about you at once, but you should generally act the way you do around your friends, just a bit less familiar. You may be feeling shy, at first, but the more you talk to the guy, the more comfortable you'll be being yourself.
    • You may think that guys like dumb girly girls who just giggle and toss their hair back, or girls that just fawn all over them, but that's not the case. Guys are much more attracted to independent women who can be themselves and are comfortable enough with who they are that they don't have to fake it.
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    Avoid trash talking. You may think that gossiping or saying horrible things about the people you both know will make the guy think you're an interesting person to be around, but really, while he may be temporarily interested by any gossip you may hear, he'll think you're a person who is petty and who can't be trusted. No guy wants to be around a girl who is always talking trash, because that will make her look like she's in the center of the drama, and no guy wants to be within a ten-mile radius of drama, especially girl drama.
    • Keep things positive instead. You want the guy to have a fun and pleasant experience whenever he talks to you, instead of feeling your negative energy.
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    Don't be jealous. This is the worst thing you can do as a girl if you want to catch a guy's eye. If you see him hanging out with other girls, don't ask him if he likes them or talk about how those girls are stupid or ugly or fat. This will just make you look ridiculously insecure and extremely jealous. If you seem like a jealous person before you even start dating the guy, then he'll already begin to imagine that you would be an incredibly jealous girlfriend.
    • If a girl that you both know comes up, wow the guy by complimenting the girl instead. He'll see that you're so cool with yourself that you don't feel the need to compete with other women.
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    Ask him about his interests. Let's face it: guys love to talk about themselves. Who doesn't, really? If you want the guy to enjoy hanging out with you, then you have to make him see that you care about him without fawning all over him or awkwardly squeezing his biceps. Instead, ask him about his favorite sports teams, or about the sports he plays if he's on a school team. Talk about his favorite bands, his favorite TV shows, or even his favorite type of Mexican food. You can share stuff about yourself too, of course; don't make him feel like he's being interrogated, just like you want to get to know him.
    • Some guys are shy and actually don't like talking about themselves so much. If you get this vibe, then switch the subject to something you can both generally talk about, like your plans for the weekend.

Part 2
Keeping His Attention

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    Be nice to everybody. It is very simple, but very effective. Be nice to him and to other people too. He will see what a pleasant person you are. If you are harsh and mean to others, but nice to him, that won't really get you far either. Going back and forth between very nice and cold/arrogant will make you seem fake. Playing mind games gives you an air of being moody and high maintenance.
    • If he's thinking about dating you, he'll see that it would be easy because you get along with everyone. No guy wants to date a girl who has a reputation of fighting with everyone or just being mean to people for no reason.
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    Flirt. For some, flirting comes naturally. If so, flaunt it. If not, then just show him that you're interested in him by making eye contact, smiling, and making a little bit of conversation. You can turn your body towards him instead of away to send the message that you like him and even touch him lightly if your conversation is going well. You can also tease him a bit, if you're starting to get to know him and know he'll respond well.
    • Another way to flirt is to be a bit playful. You don't have to act like you take yourself so seriously all the time.
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    Compliment him. Genuine, simple compliments are great. If you find something simple that you can compliment about him, go for it. Pick a pretty harmless aspect of his appearance or a quality about him that deserves to be complimented. You can say something like, "I like your new haircut" or "It's really cool how you can be so good at baseball and have time to do well in school." That's about as personal as it should get; there's no need to make him uncomfortable by saying something like, "You look so hot in that shirt." Save the juicy compliments for when you're dating each other.
    • Don't compliment him more than once per every conversation or two. If you keep piling on the compliments, he may feel overwhelmed or like you're fawning all over him.
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    Make physical contact. If he's teasing you, then give him a gentle shove or a playful tap on the knee. Just make sure the action is reciprocated. If you're the one who is always touching him, then either he's not that into it or he's shy about being touched. If you're sitting or standing next to him, try to be natural about having your knees touch or about brushing elbows. See how he responds to a simple touch. He might want more.
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    Say his name when you talk to him. People like to hear their names, so use his when you speak to him. You don't have to use it more than once or twice during your conversation; this will be enough to make him feel special.
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    Be a fun conversationalist. Tell him funny stories from what you did over the weekend. Talk about something ridiculous you heard on the news. Discuss your love for dancing or playing the piano. Keep the conversation moving back and forth, and don't be afraid to show your goofy side and make him laugh at your corny jokes. Just be a fun, dynamic person to talk to, and he'll want to come back for more.
    • It's okay if the conversation stalls and you can't think of anything to say. Smile, and then bring up something, even if it's kind of random. Don't get uncomfortable with a little bit of silence; if you and the guy are comfortable with each other, then pretty soon, you'll be comfortable sharing silence too.
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    Keep your cool. Try to stay calm as much as you can, even if you feel butterflies in your stomach. You can still be upbeat and fun without getting nervous or talking too much or too loudly just because you're around the guy. If you find yourself getting too excited, take a deep breath and calm down. Look away from his face if you have to. You don't have to be completely chill if that's not really your personality, but try not to look too eager or excited around him or he may get a little overwhelmed.
    • There's a difference between keeping your cool and acting like you don't care. He should still be able to tell that you favor him a little bit, without thinking you have a shrine devoted to him in your closet.
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    Intrigue him. Once you've got his attention, the thing you want to do is to keep him coming back for more. You want to catch his interest and make him see that you're a unique girl who he wants to get to know better. You can do this by being a bit mysterious and not putting all of your cards on the table right away; make him want to know more about you. When you talk to him, say you have to go while you're still having a great conversation instead of waiting until things start to die down before saying goodbye; this will make him want to see more of you so you can continue your great conversation.
    • If the guy is intrigued by you, then he'll want to spend more time with you, maybe even one on one. Don't get too excited if he asks you out, but do let him know you're happy about it.


  • Pay attention to hygiene, and always look presentable: brush your teeth, shampoo your hair, avoid food stains on your clothes.
  • Make sure your breath always smells nice — maybe throw in a mint when he isn't looking or chew some minty gum.
  • Smile. Act confident. Use positive body language and eye contact.
  • Act and dress in your comfort zone. Guys notice when you are uncomfortable.
  • Be yourself. Odds are he will notice and be more confident around you.
  • Eye contact is the best way to draw his attention; if one of you catches the other staring, try to hold his gaze for a second or two. Look down and flick your eyes up at him. One more trick is to hold his gaze, flick your eyes away quickly, then slowly look back.
  • Remember the big things. Remember things such as his birthday. He'll think you really care about him and will know you're interested.
  • When you are with him you can flirt by laughing at his jokes even if they are not funny, but be careful, if you laugh too much this could turn him off.
  • Be his friend. If he doesn't accept you as a friend, your relationship won't work very well. Offer advice and be there for him.
  • Don't look desperate, just breath and relax. It would be also good if you hang out with his friends so that you will have a chance to talk to him.
  • Wear nice clothes to make him think you care about yourself, and your well being.
  • Don't stalk him or he will think you're a weirdo. Practice good manners.
  • If he asks for your number (and you just met) give him your cell phone number. (Don't ever give him your home phone number! You don't want him accidentally calling your parents when he thinks you're home, do you?)
  • If you guys don't talk much, then start to know each other. Talk about his favorite subjects like video games and he'll notice you.
  • Make sure you smell nice if you can but not too overpowering — guys like that.
  • Let him know who you are. Start chatting or a group of you go over to him and his friends if you feel too shy going over by yourself.
  • If you are already friends, but not best friends, try asking him to a movie and if he says yes then sit next to him. If he tries putting his arm around you, don't freak out, this means he likes you.
  • If you think he likes you, don't be scared to ask! And if he says yes, or compliments you, say thanks and compliment him too! Not right away, but maybe later so he doesn't think you're trying too hard.
  • Be patient. If you haven't spoken to him, wait to see if he makes a move first.
  • Ask your friends for help. This doesn't mean that you should ask them to ask him if he likes you. This means maybe talking you up a bit when they're with him or maybe help you be a bit more attractive to the guy, both inside and outside.
  • If you are walking together slightly brush your hand against his.
  • If your crush is being disrespectful to you stop having a crush on him. Deep inside he might actually be mean, rude and really a troublemaker. If you are friends with your crush's friends ask them all for information about him. It will give you a big hint.
  • If you are too young to date, then ask him to sit with you at lunch or play with him at recess.
  • If this person has had many bad relationships with others in the past and you are afraid that he'll do the same with you, it would be best to move on, dont stress.
  • Try putting a note in his desk or locker. He will see it and know you are interested.
  • Don't act weird, don't show him moles you have and don't do inappropriate stuff.
  • Never be staring at your phone during a date! He will think you are just taking this as another day to text friends, and he might think you don't care that he is even there!
  • If he asks you out, it is a sign that he likes you. However, if he wants to go as a group, he probably wants to take it slow or he's not into you.
  • Don't just walk away when you're talking to him, make the conversation last as long as possible. If you have to go then, when he isn't talking, politely state that you must leave, but either will text or hope to see him later/soon.
  • Be yourself, be funny, act normal. Get his attention. Try not to be weird, that'll throw them off. Impress them by doing stuff you haven't done or stuff he likes doing, which will get his attention.
  • Know when you should ask a guy to go out with you. Firstly you need to make sure that you like him and that he is right for you.
  • When you are around the guy you like, just be you. Don't go acting weird and strange like a drama queen, that was about to faint.
  • Don't tell him you like him right off the bat. This may scare him off and creep him out a little.
  • If he isn't interested don't beat yourself up over it, it's his loss!
  • Don't try to act like other girls he hangs out with. Just because he hangs out with them, doesn't mean he thinks of them as girlfriend material.
  • If you dislike his friends, don't make it obvious. Do your best to be nice to them. However, if you don't like them because they're treating you poorly, don't be afraid to speak up!
  • Try to find out what he's interested in, and then use it in a conversation. Try to joke around with him, especially if you know what makes him laugh. If you have common interests that's even better! If he can relate to you or get your humor then he's more likely to seek you out to talk to. Just make sure that he starts conversations too, or else, it could be awkward and he might get the wrong vibe.
  • Try to speak in a feminine, soft and pretty voice he may be attracted. Avoid simpering.
  • Don't be pushy. He will get the wrong impression. Definitely, be yourself at all times. Don't forget to stay calm, don't act out to impress him, and make sure he isn't falling for your bestie!


  • Don't dramatize everything in life. A guy likes someone calm and collected. Funny and all that, yeah, but not exaggerated.
  • Don't play "hard to get." This might send a wrong message and stop him from being interested. But give him space.
  • Keep your conversation balanced. Don't only talk about you, and not only about him, either.
  • Remember, all guys are different.Some guys don't even like physical contact!
  • Do not gush about him to everyone.
  • Don't overdo your makeup just to impress him. Once again, be yourself and wear what you're comfortable with.
  • Do not stalk him! Stalkers are weird. Being with him and being near him are two of the same things. If the conversation stops for about 30 seconds, then excuse yourself. Try to be the first one to leave, it keeps them from seeing you as obsessive and tells him you have other interests.
  • Don't follow the guy around too much! That will give him the impression that you're stalking him. Your goal is to get the guy to come to you. If you don't back away from him, he will back away from you.
  • Do not act like a different person. You want him to like the real you.
  • Make sure your friends think he is a good person. If they don't, this can cause trouble for you getting him, and more importantly, the drama between you and your friends.
  • Never laugh too hysterically (or too obviously). He might go off you.
  • If he happens to have a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, be careful. Try to become friends with the girl, so that you won't have her eyeballing you every time you talk to him. If this is a girlfriend and not an ex, tread lightly when flirting with him.
  • Never take your friends with you when you are trying to impress a boy!
  • Don't call him immediately after a date. Wait a day and a half, unless he tells you when to call.

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