How to Act Annoyingly Uninterested

This is a guide for letting people know that you don't really care about what they have to say - without actually having to say that to their face.


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    Speak in a monotone. Try not to show any emotion in either your voice. For some variety, add a bit of sarcasm in there.
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    Try not to say more than one word answers. If you do have more to say, don't finish your sentence - just trail off towards the end.
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    Lean against a wall, sit with your feet up - let your body language show that you can't really be bothered.
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    Try to keep your face free from expressions. Smiling could indicate you're enjoying talking to the person, and frowning could mean you care about what they have to say.
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    Gaze off into the distance when the other person is speaking. Better yet, idly flick through a magazine, or perhaps a book. If there's a fly or insect on a nearby wall, follow it with your eyes. You could also try looking at your nails or, for females, loosely braiding your hair.
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    Respond with simple and non-committal responses such as:
    • "Okay"
    • "Alright"
    • "Oh"
    • "Good"
    • "Neat"
    • "Sweet"
    • "You don't say..."
    • "Oh yeah?"
    • "I don't know"
    • "Mmhmm"
    • "If you say so"
    • "Really?"
    • "I guess."
    • "Cool."
    • "Sure."
    • "Yeah."
    • "Uh-huh."
    • "Meh."
    • "Why not?" or "Go for it."
    • "Yeah, sure, whatever..."
    • "That's nice."
    • "Far out."
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    If the conversation somehow manages to go on for several minutes, try getting up to use the bathroom, get a tissue, or simply say you have somewhere you need to be (only use the last excuse if you do not need to return back to where you currently are.)


  • This will be harder with very talkative people.
  • Acting distracted by biting nails, playing with a pen or something, typing on the computer, listening to music, and/or not making eye contact can really help you appear VERY uninterested.
  • Also handy for removing that boyfriend or girlfriend you are wishing to ditch ...


  • If used on good friends or close relatives (parents, sisters etc.), they will probably become very annoyed with you.
  • Do not use too much because it may make you seem unintelligent.
  • Never raise your eyebrows.

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