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Elsa is one of the main characters from the animated film Frozen. She was born with magical powers that give her control over snow and ice. For most of the film, this is reflected in her icy wardrobe and cold personality. Underneath the surface, however, she is a kind person who loves her little sister Anna. If you'd like to be more like Elsa, it's not difficult to emulate her personality and style.

Method 1
Acting Like Elsa

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    Be protective of your family. Elsa is very protective of her younger sister Anna, and these feelings are a primary motivation for her character. If you have a younger sibling or siblings, be sure to always keep them out of harm's way.
    • Don't ever let your words or actions hurt your sibling. Elsa may have accidentally hurt Anna with her ice powers, but she would never do anything to intentionally harm her. To be like Elsa, you should never insult or hit your younger sibling.
    • Protect your younger sibling from bullying. If you see him or her getting pushed around, step in and tell the bully off. If you aren't around when the bullying happens, encourage your sibling to tell an adult. Be supportive and reassure him or her that the bully is in the wrong.[1]
    • If you think your sibling may be hanging out with a bad crowd, talk to him or her about finding more positive friends.
    • Be a positive role model for your sibling to emulate. A younger sibling is likely to want to be more like you and may copy your actions. Lead by example with positive behavior and respect.[2]
    • Remember that sisters tend to have a positive effect on their siblings, making them less likely to feel lonely or self-concious.[3] Foster a good relationship with your sibling by always being there to support him or her.
    • If you don't have a younger sibling, you can play this role with a younger cousin, a smaller friend, or even a pet.
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    Be regal. Remember that Elsa typically acts like the proper queen that she is. In contrast to her younger sister, Elsa displays a lot of grace and poise.[4]
    • Always remember to be polite. Try your best to always be respectful of others and to follow proper etiquette. A major part of being regal is showing people respect. Be humble and show gratitude to others. Never pick petty fights.
    • Practice good posture. Keep your back straight and never slouch. Always keep your shoulders back and your chin up. Hold your head high. A good way to help you maintain good posture is to pretend to carry an item on your head without letting it fall off. A classic way to practice at home is to walk with a book balanced on top of your head.[5]
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    Be reserved. Because Elsa had to hide her magical powers for most of her life, she is used to concealing who she is and how she feels. While you should never be afraid to show people your true self, you can be like Elsa by being quiet and occasionally secretive.
    • Remember that by the end of the film, Elsa begins to find a happy medium between being completely detached and overwhelmed by her emotions.
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    Be independent. Because of her powers, Elsa spent most of her life in isolation and as a result is independent to a fault. Don't go to this extreme, but if you want to be like Elsa, you should try to be independent. Learn how to take care of yourself and enjoy time spent alone.
    • Learn to create your own fun without needing other people around. Take up a solitary hobby like art to occupy your time. Instead of only reading books assigned to you at school, check some out from your library. Explore new ideas on your own.
    • Get a job if you're old enough. Having your own source of income will let you take care of more things, like buying food and clothing, without help.[6]
    • If you're too young to work, ask your parents about volunteering. You can develop your independence while helping others.
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    Avoid acting out negative emotions. Always be mindful of how you treat others, especially your loved ones. While you should be in touch with your emotions, anger is never an excuse to hurt anyone. The major conflict in Frozen is caused by Elsa letting her emotions overwhelm her and accidentally hurting her sister with her powers. No matter how angry someone makes you feel, never lash out with violence or hurtful words. When you start to feel angry or frustrated, try one or more tricks to calm yourself down:
    • The best way to combat anger is through mindfulness. When you feel yourself start to get upset, try to pause and count to ten. Think about why you're getting angry and whether there's a more positive way to react to the situation.
    • Talk to a friend or an adult about your feelings. Explaining your emotions with another person will help to diffuse them.[7] If you can't talk to someone immediately, try writing everything out in a journal.
    • Distract yourself to keep from dwelling on whatever is making you angry. You can listen to music, watch TV, read a book, or engage in your favorite hobby.
    • A positive way to diffuse all that energy that gets pent up when you're angry is to exercise. Going for a run is a great way to improve your mood.[8]
    • Remember to apologize if your temper does get the better of you. Be sincere and try to make things right.[9]
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    Work on developing a good singing voice. A major part of Elsa's popularity as a character comes from her powerful singing throughout the film. Her solo song "Let It Go" has been an especially big hit and actually made the creators of Frozen decide to change Elsa from a villain to a flawed hero.[10] To be like Elsa, learn how to sing this song and practice it often.
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    Pretend to have ice powers. This is an aspect of Elsa that you will really need to use your imagination for. Try to make the cold seem like your element.
    • When the weather starts to get chilly, keep wearing your shorts and tank tops a little longer than everyone else.
    • No matter how bad the weather gets, never complain about the cold. Instead, pretend you don't feel cold at all and talk about how much you love the winter.
    • Keep your room a little cooler than average.
    • Take up skating and talk about how you feel at home on the ice.
    • Be careful not to let yourself get too cold, or you can hurt yourself or get very sick.[11][12]

Method 2
Looking Like Elsa

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    Wear your hair like Elsa's. Unlike many animated characters, Elsa sports a few different hairstyles. Choose from any of these looks:
    • At her coronation, Elsa wears her hair in an elegant updo that is essentially a braid twisted up into a bun. Instead of tucking her bangs into the bun, she wears them straight and forward.
    • The hairstyle Elsa is depicted as wearing most is part of her "Snow Queen" look and is essentially her coronation bun undone. This hairstyle consists of a simple fishtail braid that falls forward over her left shoulder and slicked back bangs. Be sure to volumize your hair at the crown with a little gentle teasing. This hairstyle looks messy compared to her coronation updo and is much fluffier.
    • When Elsa was a child, she wore her hair mostly like she does in her Snow Queen look. The major differences are that when she was a child she wore her braid with a headband and bangs and let it fall to her back.
    • In the short Frozen Fever, Elsa combines her Snow Queen hair with pink flower barrettes.
    • The main thing about Elsa's hair to remember is that it is a very light, almost white platinum blonde. If this isn't your natural hair color, you can still achieve it with one or more treatments with bleach.
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    Dress like Elsa. Elsa wears a few different costumes you can choose to emulate. You may decide to copy these outfits exactly for a costume or simply create an Elsa-inspired wardrobe using the same color palettes.
    • The main outfit most people associate with Elsa is her "Snow Queen" dress. It is a glittery strapless dress that is light blue in color. She accessorizes with a sheer icy blue sleeved cape decorated with snowflakes over her dress and a pair of matching pale blue heels.
    • Elsa's other main outfit is the one she wore for her coronation. It consists of a floor-length teal bodice dress over a black long-sleeved top with matching teal gloves and a regal purple-leaning magenta cape.[13]
    • A more recent and lesser-known look Elsa has sported is the one she had in the animated short Frozen Fever. It is very similar to her Snow Queen outfit, but replaces the blue tones with emerald greens. Instead of snowflakes, her cape is accented with leaves and pink flowers. This is a good choice if you want a more spring or summer-themed outfit while still looking like Elsa.[14]
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    Do your makeup like Elsa's. Part of Elsa's distinct look is her makeup style. While bold, her makeup is relatively simple and can be done as part of your everyday routine.
    • Elsa wears heavy makeup around her eyes. She wears a solid lavender eyeshadow across her entire lid. She also creates an almost smoky look with black mascara and eyeliner.
    • As an adult, Elsa always wears bright magenta lip color.
    • Elsa's eyebrows are a much darker blonde compared to her icy hair. If you are a natural platinum blonde with equally light eyebrows, try darkening them using a honey or tan eyebrow pencil.
    • While likely natural, Elsa has pale pink, rosy cheeks that you can match with a little bit of blush.
    • Elsa's eyeshadow in Frozen Fever is more of a bright pink or magenta, similar to her lipstick.
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    Aim for pale skin. Like her hair, Elsa's skin is very pale to match her icy magical powers. Try not to get too much sun and always remember to use sunscreen.
    • Remember that not everyone can have pale skin. If your skin is dark, don't use things like chemicals to make it unnaturally pale. Your costume will be just as beautiful.
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    Make a point of wearing gloves often. While trying to keep her ice powers under control and a secret, Elsa's parents made her wear gloves.[15] You can wear gloves to either pretend you're hiding magical powers of your own or simply emulate Elsa's look from early on in the film. A pair of gloves will especially stand out if you pair them with warm weather clothing.
    • Keep in mind that people may find you constantly wearing gloves to be a bit odd.
    • Remember that Elsa gives up this practice once her secret is out.


  • If you're trying to look like Elsa for a cosplay or costume, consider wearing blue colored contacts as a subtle extra detail.
  • If you are under 18, don't bleach your hair on your own. Be sure to ask your parents to either help or take you to a salon for professional bleaching.

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