How to Achieve Commanding Power

Have you ever stepped down when you should have stepped up and taken charge? Power over others is achievable, as the following instructions will show.


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    Believe in yourself. Otherwise, no one will believe you. However you see yourself, others will see you. Except for possible self-derogatory remarks for the purpose of humor, never demean yourself. Act as if command in social situations has always reverted to you all your life.
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    Build some folks' self esteem by complimenting them. People like to be around those who make them see something new or good about themselves. Compliments are doubly effective if you mean them, so whatever good you notice in others, be sure to mention it. If somebody says something good to you about someone else, pass the compliment on.
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    Wear down some folks' self-esteem. In his book Impro, the improvisation guru, Keith Richards, says that whenever somebody belittles another's worth, his own worth rises. You will notice many leaders use this technique, criticizing superfluously. If you notice someone making a mistake or doing something less than good, say, "You're really bad at handling money." or "You're physically clumsy." However, the point here is not to make him feel worthless; the point is to make him dependent on you and look up to you.


  • Once people know that you're looking out for their interests, and are able enough to look out for their interests, you will no longer need to command. Your requests shall be commands.
  • Learn public speaking. If you are bad at it, there are free groups you can join like Toastmasters. If you wish to command more than one person, it is necessary.
  • "You can get by on charm for the first 15 minutes... after that you'd better know something!" Develop expertise at your field, and people will respect you for it, even if they don't like you personally.


  • Be careful of being hypercritical: If used too much, it backfires. The person may feel so belittled, he will revolt.
  • Giving praise may feel awkward at first if you're not used to it. However with practice it becomes natural, and it also makes you feel good!
  • Watch out for a French Revolution and the Guillotine of Doom!

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