How to Achieve a Perfect Version of You for the Next School Year

Are you tired of coming back to school each year and having everyone say you look the same? Or that you haven't changed at all? Are you ready to knock 'em dead? Or did you just have a bad year last year and want to clean up your reputation? Then this article is for you!


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    Shape up. Nothing's better then going to school a healthy weight and toned. If you are overweight, don't make it your goal to be thin, just a healthy weight! Even if you are already a healthy weight, you should take some time out during the summer to exercise. It'll make you look and feel better!
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    Get rid of acne. If you have bad acne (or acne at all) that just won't go away and is bothering you, get rid of it. How? Well, if your acne is seriously bad it is important to go to your doctor. Because he/she will recommend a product that ACTUALLY works. In other cases where your acne isn't so bad, try using a face wash or acne regimen. Toothpaste can also work well as a last-minute acne spot treatment.
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    Style. Do you usually go to school wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt? Come back to school looking hot! People don't recognize you because you always look the same. Well, try to find clothes that suit you well. Search sale racks, used clothing places, and vintage shops for great clothes at cheap prices. You will look great and no one will know how little you paid!
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    Hygiene. Even if you have good hygiene you can always improve it. Don't come to school with an ashy body (as if you didn't put any skin cream, body butter, or oils on). Have your hair done nicely, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, take showers. Use deodorant and/or perfume; for example, if you like how a boy smells with Axe or cologne, they'll probably like the way you smell with perfume or deodorant.
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    Personality. Finally here's the last step! Don't turn into a completely different person. Instead of becoming someone else try to peel away layers of your personality to reveal something of yourself which is really pure and true. People have a knack for being drawn towards those who are really original. What you should do is:
    • if you're really shy, try to come out of your shell or if you're always serious or boring, be playful and fun. If you're just in the background do something that makes you stand out (for good!)


  • Don't change yourself completely just to make others accepting. Do this for you.
  • Choose clothing which really looks good on you- and don't feel bad if your friend looks good in something in which YOU don't. Everyone has different body types- different things look good on different people. So go ahead and choose clothes which make you feel good about yourself, and dunk those which aren't.
  • Although looking your best is important don't let how you look control over how you think and act. Beauty is only skin deep, as they say.


  • Don't use too many different acne medicines because the combination of some may cause a bad skin reaction.
  • Don't completely change yourself around. Be yourself!
  • Too much perfume or Axe can be dangerous for those with Asthma and other breathing problems, so only spray it once in the air and walk through the mist.

Things You'll Need

  • Nice clothes
  • Acne cream
  • A nice smile!
  • Good personality
  • An open spirit

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